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Florence Piazza del Duomo Photos
  florence duomo cathedral santa maria del fiore  
  Cathedral (Duomo), Santa Maria del Fiore  
  florence duomo cathedral exterior door relief  
  Door relief, exterior Cathedral  
  florence duomo cathedral emblem wool guild lamb of god  
  Emblem of wool guild, Cathedral  
  florence duomo cathedral dome last judgement frescoes  
  Last Judgement frescoes inside dome, Cathedral  
  florence duomo cathedral mary nativity scene stained glass window in dome  
  Virgin Mary stained glass window, Cathedral  
  florence duomo cathedral dante fresco  
  Dante fresco, holding Diving Comedy, Cathedral  
  florence duomo cathedral tomb giovanni medici 1352  
  Tomb Giovanni de Medici 1352, Cathedral  
  florence duomo cathedral memorial john hawkwood condottori  
  Memorial for John Hawkwood, Cathedral  
  florence baptistery san giovanni  
  Baptistery of St. John the Baptist  
  florence baptistery door of paradise  ghilberti  
  Door of Paradise, Baptistery  
  florence baptistery marble floor  
  Marble floor, Baptistery  
  florence baptistery mosaic christ last judgement pantokrater  
  Mosaic Christ Last Judgement, Baptistery  
  florence baptistery mosaic paradise angels  
  Mosaic paradise and angels, Baptistery  
  florence baptistery mosaic hell devils  
  Mosaic devils in hell, Baptistery  
  florence bell tower campanile giotto  
  Bell Tower (Campanile)  
  florence bell tower campanile relief art of building  
  Relief "art of building", Bell Tower  
  florence bell tower campanile view of duomo climbing up  
  Climb up the Bell Tower  
  florence bell power campanile marble geometric patterns  
  Marble geometric patterns, Bell Tower  
  florence opera del duomo museum singing gallery luca della robbia  
  Singing Gallery, Opera del Duomo Museum  
  florence opera del duomo museum silver altar st john baptist  
  Silver altar St. John the Baptist, Opera del Duomo Museum  
  florence opera del duomo museum model of cathedral dome  
  Model of cathedral dome, Opera del Duomo Museum  
  florence view of cathedral dome from campanile  
  View of Cathedral from top of Bell Tower  
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