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Castel Sant'Angelo Photos
  castel sant angelo painting  
  Castel Sant'Angelo  
  model emperor hadrian mausoleum castel sant'angelo  
  Model, emperor Hadrian mausoleum  
  castel sant'angelo passageway  
  Castle passsageway and Roman walls  
  castel sant'angelo armor  
  Armor, Arms Museum  
  castel sant'angelo 16th century shield  
  Italian round shield 16th century  
  castel sant' angelo cannon cannonballs  
  Cannon and stone cannonballs  
  castel sant'angelo bastion  
  Inside the bastion  
  castel sant'angelo catapult  
  castel sant'angelo well alexander vi courtyard  
  Well in Alexander VI Courtyard  
  castel sant'angelo floor papal apartments  
  Inlaid floor, papal apartments  
  icastel sant'angelo farnese papal coat of arms  
  Papal coat of arms (Farnese family)  
  castel sant's angelo treasure room  
  Treasure Room  
  castel sant'angelo archangel michael  
  Archangel Michael on rooftop  
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