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Granada Photos
  granada alhambra fountain lions  
  Fountain of Lions, Alhambra  
  granada alhambra hall mexuar tilework  
  Geometric tilework, Alhambra  
  granada alhambra stucco tilework  
  "Tree of life," Arabic verses and tilework, Alhambra  
  granada generalife water garden  
  Water Garden, Generalife  
  granada spain alcazaba plaza armas  
  Alcazaba, view of Plaza de las Armas from the Watchtower  
  granada spain caves museo cuevos sacromonte  
  House in a cave, Sacromonte  
  granada spain bazaar  
  Colorful bazaar  
  granada spain plaza pasieges  
  Plaza de las Pasieges  
  granada spain traditional cakes  
  Traditional cakes  
  spain granada cathedral  
  Granada cathedral  
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