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    Family travel in 2020 is a different world.
      Early in the year, coronavirus pandemic brought worldwide travel to a halt.
      Travel for Kids was always about international travel. As Europe reopens, United States citizens are currently not allowed to travel to European Union countries. Nor can international visitors visit the U.S. for leisure travel.
      This summer, America has begun to reopen, but traveling safely is a challenge for families.
      Travel tips featured on this page no longer apply – "Trains in Europe," "Baby's first flight," "Tips for eating out in Paris," "Choosing a family tour package," even "Packing for your trip."
      But family travel isn't just far flung destinations.
      Travel is going a local regional park to rent kayaks on the lake, week at the beach with tide pools and endless ocean, hiking in local hills and mountains, or using online world class museums, without any visitors.
      Travel is, near and far, exploring the world.
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      Starting this month, all travel tips will appear entirely on the blog.
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The best place to be is outdoors.

      This is not the time for a long road trip.

Plan your itinerary, and determine what attractions are open, as opening dates can be postponed.


Research hotels and accommodations in advance, campgrounds are often closed.


Familiar destinations have new guidelines, e.g. San Diego Zoo requires masks and social distancing while inside the park.


Wearing a face covering is for safety of all. Do you want to unknowingly infect grandparents and family members, or other people, who you'll never know?


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Traveling with stuffed animals


July 1, 2020

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