Travel Tips Travel for Kids
Planning your trip
  Choosing a family tour package
    Trains in Europe
What to take
  Packing for your trip
    Packing for your trip: Part 2
    Of documents and medicine: Don't leave home without ...
    Favorite travel apps
    Traveling with stuffed animals
Before you go
  Tips for traveling with preschoolers
    Taking your kids out of school
    Go digging for roots: Genealogy abroad
    Food allergies abroad
    Safety issues – Country politics and natural disasters
    Cell phones and international data roaming
While you're there
  Baby's first flight: Traveling with an infant
    Foreign Currencies: Know what you're spending
  Tips for eating out – How to have fun and save money

Getting laundry done


Making your trip a kids' treasure hunt


Celebrating holidays and birthdays abroad


Safety issues – Cities in foreign countries

    Safety issues – Outdoors activities in unfamiliar territory
    When to scrimp, how to splurge

Eating out with kids in Paris

  Safe food and water
  You are here: Riding the subways in Tokyo
United States
  See America by train
  Tips for hiking in California with kids

Travel memories keep their value forever

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