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    Family travel in 2021 is a different world.
      United States and UK currently have low numbers of covid cases - they are opening up! The European Union is considering opening borders this summer to travellers from countries with low case rates, and have been vaccinated.
      On the other hand, U.S. Department of State has a world map travel advisories. Currently, many countries worldwide are recommended "Do not Travel" or "Reconsider Travel." Check out Travel.State.Gov
      A positive development, it may soon be possible for children ages 12 - 15 to be vaccinated, making it easier for families to travel safely.
      As things open up in cities, be prepared for changes. For museums, timed entry and masks worn inside is a requirement.
      In London, "contactless payment" (credit card, debit card, smart phone) is recommended for all transactions, instead of cash.
      Before visiting any theme park, museum, aquarium, national park, read guidelines on the website or app, to plan your visit. For example, Disneyland is currently only open to California residents, Universal Studios Hollywood does temperature checks.
      The most popular national parks will be crowded this summer. Consider other parks, such as Olympic National Park, covers a large area with rain forests, mountains, scenic coastline, or Chaco Canyon in New Mexico.

Museums, aquariums and theme parks are reopening in US. Timed ticket reservations are required to maintain safe crowds. Before visiting, read new guidelines for each attraction.


Planning for summer, make hotel, vacation rentals, and campground reservations months in advance.


National parks have new guidelines, for example Yosemite National Park requires day use reservations to enter the park, must book in advance.


Rental cars are in short supply, be sure to book your car (and find out the price) as early as possible.


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May 1, 2021

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