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    Family travel in 2021 is a different world.
      Due to continuing pandemic, worldwide travel is restricted.
      These are steps necessary to stem transmission of Covid, even with vaccinations.
      Parents might test negative before hopping on a plane to tropical paradise, but ... it's not only about YOU.
      If you don't wear a mask in public places (especially eating out), you could infect the local people where you visit (e.g. Mexico or Hawaii). Think about it!
      In Europe, there are restrictions for travel between countries for EU citizens. United States citizens are banned from traveling to Asia and most of Europe. The border between Canada and the United States has been closed for a year.
      The CDC has relaxed some restrictions for family members who are vaccinated, but still has an advisory against travel.
      Feb. 2021, head of International Air Transport Association, wrote the following:
      "Airlines would like nothing more than to get back to the business of bringing our world together. And I believe that people are eager to take to the skies as well."
      "The focus of governments is almost universally on containing the spread of the virus across borders. There is little hope of an imminent return to normal. We understand that. But we want to be prepared to reconnect the world as soon as governments believe it is safe to do so."

International travel to and around Europe and Asia is currently very restricted. Borders between countries are closed, quarantine upon return to home country required.


Family car trips are preferrable to getting on a plane for now.


Go outdoors! National Parks have new guidelines – wearing masks is mandated. Wearing face coverings is for safety of all.


Museums, aquariums and theme parks are reopening. Timed ticket reservations are required to maintain safe crowds. Before visiting, read new guidelines for each attraction.


Planning for summer, make hotel, vacation rentals, and campground reservations months in advance.


Also on Twitter and Facebook find posts with travel tips every week, as things open.


But right now there is a wide open world with children's books, virtual explorations, outdoor activities for everyone in the family.

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March 1, 2021

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