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    Family travel winter 2022.
      Due to the omicron Covid variant, there are new regulations about travel.
      All international travelers coming into the United States must have a Covid test administered within 24 hours of arrival, and have a negative result.

Read CDC requirements and recommendations for international travel.

      According to the CDC, do not travel internationally until you are fully vaccinated. Covid vaccinations are now available for children 5 years and up in the United States.
      Vaccinations protect your family from Covid infections and also limit transmission of Covid to others. You do not want to infect people in countries you visit abroad.
      Also, please be a good traveler, both internationally and in your home country. Wearing masks is easy and effective. Don't make life miserable for employees in cafes, restaurants, shops, by refusing to honor public health requirements, and the community you have come to visit.
      Before visiting any theme park, museum, aquarium, national park, read guidelines on the website or app, to plan your visit. Things change rapidly, so be prepared.

What is required is highly variable, and things change rapidly. Some museums require masks and timed ticket entry to maintain safe crowds. Others do not. Before visiting, read guidelines for each attraction.


In San Francisco, Cal Academy of Sciences require proof of vaccination or a recent covid test and negative results for entrance to the museum, and wear masks. Same requirement applies for vaccination or negative testing, masks worn indoors at Universal Studios Hollywood.


This winter, there may be Covid surges, highly variable by location. Tip: Before planning your trip, check the vaccination and case rates for your destination.


During your trip, check the weather conditions for your destination. In 2021, there were extreme weather events, such as life-threatening heat, too much snow, wildfires, and flooding.


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Jan.15, 2022

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