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    Family travel summer 2021.
      International travel is opening up. The EU now welcomes fully vaccinated tourists from the United States, but travel requirements vary from country to country.
      France allows vaccinated travelers, unvaccinated tourists a negative COVID test is required, Germany requirements are fully vaccinated (at least 14 days in advance) and negative COVID-19 test before arrival, Denmark allows only fully vaccinated tourists, Spain allows vaccinated travelers worldwide.
      UK requires negative COVID test before departure, and 10 day quarantine (shortened to 5 days if second test is negative) for tourists from the United States.
      Kayak is a useful site to check restrictions for each country, as well as country of origin.
      In general, children under 18 traveling with tourists to European countries do not need proof of vaccination, but check requirements for country you plan to visit.
      Tip: Remember, returning to the United States from travel abroad, a negative COVID-19 test is required for all air passengers. The most convenient way to arrange for test is through your hotel three days in advance.
      As things open up in cities, be prepared for changes. For museums, timed entry and masks worn inside is a requirement.
      In London, "contactless payment" (credit card, debit card, smart phone) is recommended for all transactions, instead of cash.
      Before visiting any theme park, museum, aquarium, national park, read guidelines on the website or app, to plan your visit.
      The most popular national parks will be very crowded this summer. Consider other parks, such as Olympic National Park, covers a large area with rain forests, mountains, scenic coastline, or Chaco Canyon in New Mexico.

Museums, aquariums and theme parks are reopening in US. Timed ticket reservations are required to maintain safe crowds. Before visiting, read new guidelines for each attraction.


National parks have new guidelines, for example Yosemite requires day use reservations to enter the park, must book in advance.


Rental cars are in short supply, be sure to book your car (and find out the price) as early as possible.


In some places, such as Hawaii - Uber, Lyft, and taxis are also hard to get. As destinations open up, tourists arriving in large numbers may overwhelm local transporation.


Cafes and restaurants may have long lines, as staffing is not what it was in pre-pandemic.


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June 19, 2021

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