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    Family travel fall 2021.
      As the summer winds down, holiday and weekend trips beckon.

Vaccinating all eligible family members is important before travel, including trips within the United States. The covid Delta variant is easily transmitted, and majority of new cases are unvaccinated.

      Before visiting any theme park, museum, aquarium, national park, read guidelines on the website or app, to plan your visit. Things change rapidly, so be prepared.

What is required is highly variable. Some museums require masks and timed ticket entry to maintain safe crowds. Others do not. Before visiting, read guidelines for each attraction.


In New York City, proof of vaccination is required in restaurants, and in some venues, for now, children under 12 are not allowed, as there is no vaccination available.


In San Francisco, Cal Academy of Sciences required proof of vaccintion or a recent covid test for entrance to the museum.


National parks have new guidelines, for example, Yosemite requires day use reservations through end of September to enter the park, book reservations in advance.


During your trip, check the weather for your destination. In 2021, there have been extreme weather events, such as extreme heat and flooding.


Wildfires are buring in western United States since July, affecting roads in mountains, and creating unhealthy air quality.


In August, air quality of Lake Tahoe was off the charts, three times "hazardous" air quality.


In California, due to EXTREME FIRE DANGER, national forests are closed, some state parks and Lassen national park is closed. Until November, this is not the time to go camping in California (campfires are banned also).


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Sept. 1, 2021

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