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    Family travel Winter 2023.
      In December, Europe goes all out for the holidays.
      In winter, one of brightest spots in our state of California is the western monarch migration. From November to February monarch butterflies overwinter in three best monarch sanctuaries - Santa Cruz, Monterey (Pacific Grove) and Pismo Beach.
      Christmas in Europe is unforgettable – five favorite destinations London, Munich, Strasbourg, Basel and Seville.
      December in Honolulu is a delightful holiday season – Honolulu City Lights, seasonal craft workshops and children’s activities, live music outdoors.
      Extreme weather is now year-round and can result in plane flight delays and cancellations, both domestic and international.
      Be sure to have your airline app for notifications and changes in your plane schedule, and carry-on bags with everything you need, in case flight is delayed.
      Another essential app for live flight information is FlightAware.

Before and during your trip, check the weather conditions for your destination. In past year, there have been extreme weather events, such as unseasonal wildfires, and flooding.

      Before visiting any national park, check the NPS website or app for alerts.

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December 1, 2023

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