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Portland - Downtown

"Weather Man"
  Pioneer Courthouse Square – Pioneer Square is the “living room” for Portland, a wide open plaza where kids can run around, with several unique Portland landmarks. In summer, there are free concerts at noon time, and free movies in the evening. Click here for the schedule.
    Stand under the umbrella of the “Weather Man,” a life-life bronze statue of a man in a suit, sheltering under his umbrella (it does rain a lot in Portland).
      Check out the Weather Machine, it looks like a lamppost, topped with three different symbols of Portland weather – golden sun when it’s sunny, blue heron for cloudy days, and dragon for stormy days. At noon, watch the weather symbol appear.
Benson Bubblers
    Benson Bubblers – Kids can get a wonderful drink of delicious water from old-fashioned water fountains (with four spouts). These bronze drinking fountains with good water were a gift from Simon Benson in the early 20th century, and they’re still going strong
    Powell’s City of Books – Powell’s is the largest independent bookstore in the world – it covers a whole city block. The bookstore has a fabulous kids’ book section, along with plenty of books of interest to parents.
    Central Library – When it rains, local Portland families read books, especially in big beautiful Central Library. The Children’s Library has a gorgeous bronze sculpture of a tree filled with animals, story times every week, and tables where adults can read to children.
      Tip: Both Powell’s and the Central Library near to each other on same street, SW 10th Avenue.
  Classical Chinese Garden – The Chinese garden was created in collaboration with Portland’s sister city in China, Suzhou. Pavilions are built especially to sit and listen to the rain, or enjoy the fish or flowers. Wander through a Ming dynasty scholar’s study and stop into the teahouse for teacakes. Open daily.
  Portland Art Museum – Check out the Northwest Coast art, frog, raven and thunderbird masks, sea lion and shark hats, blankets, woven robes, and headdresses decorated with abalone, along with baskets and beaded vests made by Oregon tribes. The Discovery Center (level 3) has crayons and paper for drawings, fun for little kids.
Portland Farmers Market
  Portland Farmers Market (South Park blocks) – On Saturday and Wednesday morning, local families go to the Portland farmers markets. Sample the bounty of fruits and veggies from local orchards, fresh bread, cookies and pastries, cheese, hot snacks chocolates and honey. It’s a great Portland scene under the shade of big old trees.
Wednesday April to October (10am – 2pm) Shemanski Park (between SW Salmon and Main), Saturdays April to December (8:30am – 2pm) (between SW Harrison and Montgomery).
    Oregon Children’s Theater - Productions of plays for children, Saturday or Sunday afternoons (good rainy day activity). Plays, which change every month, are often adaptations of favorite children’s books. Click here for more information.
    Ira’s Fountain (Ira Keller Fountain Park) – In summer, this is the place to be, sitting in shallow fountain pools or dabbling your toes in the rushing water. Bring swim suits and a picnic, cool and refreshing on a hot day. Fountain is on the corner between 3rd and Clay Streets.
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