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Oregon is the destination of two great adventures – Lewis and Clark’s expedition to the Pacific Ocean, and the end of the Oregon Trail. Traveling with kids through Oregon today, it still feels like an adventure, the mighty Columbia River flowing to the sea, a mysterious lake in an ancient volcano, whales and sea otters off the coast, rivers for rafting, and sand dunes to explore.
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B is for Beaver oregon childrens books  
B is for Beaver
Marie and Roland Smith, Michael Roydon

Fun facts about the people and places of Oregon – from animals (beaver, salmon, sea lions), canyons and lakes, indigenous people (Nez Perce), food (marionberries), rodeos and state fairs, to the Oregon Zoo, over 100 years old. (Picture book)


Hearts of Horses
Molly Gloss

Captivating novel of young Martha Lesson, who makes her way as a “bronco-girl,” breaking horses for ranches in eastern Oregon. Her gift with horses is essential to the working ranches, and ranch families take her into their rural community. Wonderful local color of a vanished way of life. (Chapter book)


oregon kids adventure Hearts of Horses
Apples to Oregon pioneer kids books  
Apples to Oregon
Deborah Hopkinson & Nancy Carpenter

Delicious and her family are headed out west with a wagonload of fruit trees. Neither muddy rivers, hailstones big as plums, dry sandy deserts nor Jack Frost can stop them from reaching the sweet dirt of Oregon. (Picture book)



Little Katie Rose starts on Oregon Trail with only an untamed horse, the Mustang. Prairie fires, perilous river crossings, hunger and hardships, it’s slow going for thousands of miles, but when Katie reaches Oregon, a new life is waiting for her and the Mustang. (Chapter books)


oregon pioneer horses kids books Katie and the Mustang
If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon oregon pioneer kids books  
If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon
Ellen Levine, Elroy Freem

Imagine you're on the Oregon Trail – what would your family bring along in your covered wagon, where would you sleep, what would you eat, would you go to school, what chores would you have to do? Colorful illustrations. (Picture book)


How We Crossed the West
Rosalyn Schanzer

Excellent overview of the Corps of Discovery expedition to search for a river route across the United States. In 1804, the expedition started up the Missouri River, and in November 1805, they successfully navigated down the Columbia River and reached the Pacific Ocean. Action-filled illustrations, in Lewis and Clark’s own words. (Picture book)


childrens books oregon How We Crossed the West Lewis and Clark
Lewis and Clark for Kids oregon  

Illustrated history and timeline of the Lewis and Clark expedition, plus 21 activities – stitch a pair of moccasins, make a buffalo mask, drum or dance rattle, recipe for dried fruit, set up a tipi, hoop and pole game, learn sign language and trail signs, and more. Good for older kids. (Chapter book, illustrations)


Discovering Crater Lake
Nancy Field, Sally Machlis

Find out about Crater Lake – how it was formed, why it’s so blue, the Phantom Ship, Native American legends, plants and animals, trails, plus mazes, games, and forest animal stickers. (Activity book)


Discovering Crater Lake oregon activity book
O is for Oregon childrens books  
O is for Oregon
Written by kids

Oregon state from A to Z in quick rhymes (written by kids) and illustrated with colorful photos. "C is for Crater Lake. After Mount Mazama blew its top, the hole was filled drop by drop." (Picture book)


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