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Southeast Alaska

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Southeast Alaska, or the "Panhandle," is different from other parts of Alaska.  This region is a labyrinth of islands with dense rain forests, misty mountains, and tidewater glaciers. Home to Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian peoples for centuries, canoes were the means to get around from island to island. Even today, kids will be interested to find that most of the area is accessible only by boat or airplane.

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The Last American Rainforest
Shelley Gill, Shannon Cartwright

Tongass, one of the world's largest temperate rainforests, extends throughout southeast Alaska. This unique ecosystem has provided food and shelter to the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian peoples for thousands of years.  Explore Tongass forest and sea, plants, trees, animals, and marine life, interwoven with Northwest Coast stories, culture and traditions.   (Picture book)


Frog Girl
Paul Owen Lewis

The songs of the frogs are silent, but one frog calls to the chief’s daughter to follow her under the lake. There, a house shakes with fire and smoke, and the girl meets Volcano Woman. Gorgeously illustrated. (Picture book)


Storm Boy - kids books British Columbia  
Storm Boy
Paul Owen Lewis

A storm washes the Haida chief's son into a strange village, the realm of the killer whale people. Finely dressed people give the boy a blanket to wear, fish to eat, and they dance and feast, until the boy thinks of his own home. This is a gem. (Picture book)



When all was the world was in darkness, clever Raven stole the sun and gave it to the people. Raven flies to the shining house of the Sky Chief and tricks him into showing where the ball of light is hidden. Beautifully told, with fabulous illustrations.
(Picture book)


Raven - Trickster Tale Pacific Northwest - kids books British Columbia
John Muir, Connell Rubay, Christopher Canyon

In 1880 John Muir set out to explore the glaciers of southeastern Alaska, bringing along his dog Stickeen.  Stickeen followed Muir wherever he went, crossing icy rivers, climbing mountains, leaping over crevasses, even walking across a thin ice bridge too dangerous for a dog or man. Bravery and friendship in the Alaskan wilderness, gorgeously illustrated.  (Picture book)


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