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Alaska means "the Great Land" in the Aleut language, and when your family travels through Alaska with soaring mountain ranges, icy blue glaciers, alpine tundra under foot – this perfectly describes the state. Alaska also has the "biggest" and "most": the highest mountain in North America, the largest state in the U.S., the most glaciers and volcanoes, the biggest bears. Where else can kids promise to stay up until it gets dark, and it's still light at midnight?

    Southeast - Inside Passage
    South Central
    Kenai Peninsula
    Denali National Park
    Tip: Summers can be rainy and cold, or warm and sunny, be prepared for real variations in weather.  Be sure to pack binoculars for wildlife viewing.
kids books alaska
larry gets lost in alaska  
Larry Gets Lost in Alaska
John Skewes, Michael Mullin

Take a fun-filled trip around Alaska with Pete and his dog, Larry – cruising through the Inside Passage, stopping in Juneau and Skagway, watching glaciers crash into the bay. But Larry gets separated from Pete, and hops into a seaplane. Looking for Pete, Larry meets a polar bear, team of sled dogs, a Kodiak bear, and explores the Alaskan wilderness. (Picture book)



Benjamin and his sister Lucy are off to discover the natural world of Alaska, to look for bears on Admiralty Island, explore the Mendenhall Glacier, take a cruise around Glacier Bay, and ride dog sleds through the snow in Nome.  (Easy reader)


kids The Great Alaska Adventure
Mama, Do You Love Me?  
Mama, Do You Love Me?
Barbara M. Joosse

"What if I put salmon in your parka, ermine in your mittens, and lemmings in your mukluks?"  An Inuit mother tells her daughter much she'll care for her, teach her, and how much she loves her.  Watercolor illustrations of Arctic life glow on each page.  (Picture book)


The Last American Rainforest
Shelley Gill, Shannon Cartwright

Tongass, one of the world's largest temperate rainforests, extends throughout southeast Alaska. This unique ecosystem has provided food and shelter to the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian peoples for thousands of years.  Explore Tongass forest and sea, plants, trees, animals, and marine life, interwoven with Northwest Coast stories, culture and traditions.   (Picture book)


The Last American Rainforest alaska kids
Raven - Trickster Tale Pacific Northwest alaska  

When all was the world was in darkness, clever Raven stole the sun and gave it to the people. Raven flies to the shining house of the Sky Chief and tricks him into showing where the ball of light is hidden. Beautifully told, with fabulous illustrations.
(Picture book)


Balto and the Great Race
Elizabeth Cody Kimmel, Nora Koerber

Each year, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race honors the best dog mushers. Kids can read for themselves about the 1925 dog sled relay race in the middle of winter to bring a much-needed serum for a diphtheria epidemic in Nome. Heading bravely into a blizzard, the lead dog Balto found the trail and brought the team to safety. (Easy reader)


 iditarod dog alaska kids Balto and the Great Race
iditarod kids books The Great Serum Race  
The Great Serum Race
Debbie D. Miller, Jon Van Zyle

Drama and details of the 1925 relay race from Nenana to Nome, which became the route of the Iditarod. All about the dog musher Leonard Seppala and the sled dogs, including a map of the trail. Full two page illustrations make the race come alive. (Picture book)



Bright Dawn, a Native Alaskan girl, takes her father's place in the Iditarod Race, and with her lead dog Black Star, they find their way through a whiteout blizzard, confront a bull moose, and almost drift out to sea on an ice floe. Adventure and excitement of this famous dog sled race.   (Chapter book)

Also, true story of the first woman to win the Iditarod: Storm Run


 iditarod childrens books Black Star, Bright Dawn
Mush! Sled Dogs of the Iditarod kids alaska  

Meet Dallas Seavey, winner of the 2012 Iditarod and the youngest person to win the race. Follow the grueling race day by day, learn about Alaskan huskies and racing sleds, and meet champion sled dogs. Super race and dog photos. (Chapter book)


Alaska's Dog Heroes
Shelley Gill, Robin James

True stories of remarkable Alaska dogs – fighting bears, rescuing people trapped in the snow or burning buildings, carrying supplies up the Chilkoot Trail, sniffing out oil spills in the Arctic. (Picture book)


alaska's dog heroes
childrens books Alaska Animal Babies  
Alaska Animal Babies
Deb Vanasse, Gavriel Jacan

Fabulous photos show off the amazing animals in Alaska – sea otter, bald eagle, humpback whale, polar bear, trumpeter swan, gray wolf, northern fur seal, musk ox, grizzly bear and more, including info about each animal.  (Picture book)

And, a charming picture book: Alaska's Three Bears


Arctic Lights, Arctic Nights
Debbie S. Miller, Jon Van Zyle

Kids might wonder if it's dark in Alaska all the time in winter, who turns on the northern lights, and does the sun really set in summer. Here's a lovely book about the changes in light and darkness during each month of the year. Luminous illustrations. (Picture book)


Arctic Lights, Artic Nights kids alaska
Clueless in Alaska: Know More!  
Clueless in Alaska: Know More!
Jen Funk Weber, Mike Weber

Activity book with puzzles, mazes, word search, anagrams, crosswords, fun facts about Alaska's native cultures, seasons, history, wildlife, earthquakes, glaciers and volcanoes. (Activity book)


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