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Argentina is the second largest country in South America (after Brazil) and has all the diversity that it suggests. Traveling with your kids in Argentina, you can relax on warm ocean beaches, stay on a ranch, hike in the Andes, visit one of the wonders of the world, Iguazu Falls, walk among the penguins, or watch glacier ice chunks fall into the water in Patagonia.
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      Tip: Planning a holiday in Argentina, don't forget it's the southern hemisphere, and the seasons are reversed. December is the perfect time to visit Patagonia.
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Tierra del Fuego childrens books argentina  
Tierra del Fuego
Peter Lourie

Tierra del Fuego, tip of South America, land of terrible storms, attacking pirates, nomadic Patagonian tribes. A trip to find out what Tierra del Fuego is like today. (Picture book)


Ghost Hands
T.A. Barron, William Low

A story about the mysterious Cave of the Hands in Patagonia, painted over 9,000 years ago. Auki, a young Tehuelche boy, while training for the hunt, falls into a secret cave, covered with "ghost hands." (Picture book)


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 Gauchada - kids books Argentina  
C. Drew Lamm, Fabian Negrin

Story of a necklace that tells "of an open space where cows stamp the land and champ the pampas … and a gaucho, an Argentine man, sits carving." (Picture book)


Argentina (Exploring Countries)
Kari Schuetz

Fun facts about Argentina – Iguazu Falls, wildlife, going to school, daily life, sports, gauchos, holidays, and food. (Picture book)


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Spotlight on Argentina
Bobbie Kalman

Get to know the people and places of Argentina today – landscape from the Pampas to Tierra del Fuego, history, first peoples, cities, wildlife, festivals and food. (Picture book)


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