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Patagonia in Argentina reaches from the Andes in the west, to the Atlantic in the east, and south to the Arctic Ocean. Because the area is so vast, there are huge differences in climate and, of course, things to do with your kids. Traveling in the northern part, there are volcanoes and dense forests where the puma and the condor live. On the plateaus are the sheep and cattle ranches, to the west, high mountains and ancient glaciers. Go south to the tip of Argentina, where Magellanic penguins play on the beach.
    Los Glaciares National Park
    Tierra del Fuego - Ushuaia
    Chilean Patagonia – A chunk of Patagonia is also in Chile next door.
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Hike through blue ice glaciers, kayak in the Straits of Magellan and look for penguins and dolphins, stay on a hacienda, go horseback riding and stay on a hacienda, this tour company will arrange an unforgettable family trip to Patagonia:

    Quivertree Family Expeditions
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when darwin sailed the sea  
When Darwin Sailed the Sea
David Long, Sam Kalda

On Charles Darwin's five year trip around the world, he gathered unique examples of wildlife from South America, these collections became the basis for his new scientific theory – evolution. On his voyage, in Argentina he explored pampas, rock formations, and Tierra del Fuego. Good for older kids. (Picture book)


Who Was Charles Darwin?
Deborah Hopkinson

Illustrated biography of Charles Darwin, who sailed for five years around the world, stopping in Tierra del Fuego. From Darwin's collections and observations, he changed our understanding of the natural world. (Chapter book)


Who Was Charles Darwin
Darwin and Evolution for Kids  

Explore Darwin's voyage and ideas with 21 activities – make your own fossils, go on a botanical treasure hunt, camouflage eggs. Good for older kids. (Activity book)


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