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Travel Tips for the Grand Canyon

    Stay on the paths – Don’t push your stroller to the edge of the precipice for a better look (we saw people doing this!). Keep a good grip on toddlers and don’t let your kids run around in unfenced areas. Pose for pictures on solid ground around away from the edge.
    Water, water, water – The Grand Canyon is a very dry climate, and it’s easy to get dehydrated, especially in summer. Bring a small day pack with water and drinks – you will drink more than you can possibly imagine.
    Sunscreen and hats – Slather on the suntan lotion, and be sure to being hats for everyone in the family.
    Footwear – If you’re going to walk any distance on the Rim Trail, although it’s paved, closed toed shoes are easier to walk in than flip flops. Good footwear is recommended if you’re hiking down the Bright Angel Trail.
    Weather – During July and August, lightning storms can come up, accompanied by real rain. The South Rim is open year round, and in winter and early spring, bring coats, gloves and hats to stay warm. We visited at spring break, the first week in April, and there was snow on the ground, and windy and cold on the rim.
    Binoculars and magnifying glasses – Bring binoculars to look at rock formations at a distance and to spot the California condors, hawks and ravens in the sky. Magnifying glasses are perfect for fossil hunting.
    Don’t feed the animals – Squirrels know they're cute, and will even pose for you, but don't feed them. Mule deer can kick and bite if you get too close. Chips and snacks are bad for many of the animals – feed them people food and they can end up dead. Let the animals feed themselves.
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