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Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is often described as a wonder of the natural world, and it really is, where kids can take a trip back in time millions of years ago. Imagine a great inland sea that deposited layers of sand and sea creatures. Volcanoes squirted up lava, adding more stuff. The stuff became rock that was squished down, pushed up, and then the mighty Colorado River carved its way through the rocks like a multi-layered salami and cheese sandwich.
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    Highway 64 to Grand Canyon - Williams, Tusayan
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Travel for Kids has plenty of fun things to do with kids at the Grand Canyon, but you'll need a fun place to stay.

Here's our own Travel for Kids hand-picked list of family hotels, all styles and price ranges, and convenient to the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon family hotels
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grand canyon jason chin  
Grand Canyon
Jason Chin

Take a walk through the Grand Canyon, to discover its amazing geology, plants and animals, starting at the bottom with the oldest formations. Gorgeous illustrations of how it might have looked millions of years ago, oceans that covered the canyon, fossils preserved in rocks, animals of each zone, such as condors, desert tortoises, bighorn sheep, capture the wonder of the Grand Canyon. (Picture book)


Where Is the Grand Canyon?
Jim O'Connor, Daniel Colon

Illustrated history of the Grand Canyon. When Teddy Roosevelt visited, he said, the Grand Canyon is "the most wonderful scenery in the world." Read about the Native Americans and early explorers to the canyon, geology and wildlife, Grand Canyon today, plus fold out map. (Chapter book)


where is the grand canyon
in the canyon  
In the Grand Canyon
Liz Gorton Scanlon, Ashley Wolff

Come along on a hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. What you'll see along the trail, cactus blooming, lizards resting, pictures in stone, trees rooted in red sandstone rock, kingbird calling, condor flying high in the sky, camping by the river under orange canyon walls and full moon shining. (Picture book)


Mule Train Mail
Craig Brown

People live at the bottom of the Grand Canyon today, and the mail is carried in on mules. Take a journey down the trail with the postman, wearing a cowboy hat and chaps. Panoramic two-page illustrations into a unique landscape. (Picture book)


childrens books grand canyon Mule Train Mail
major impossible  
Major Impossible (Hazardous Tales)
Nathan Hale

Go down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon with Major John Wesley Powell, the intrepid one-armed explorer, battling a raging river and near starvation, with no idea of what lay ahead. (Graphic novel)

Also picture book: The Last River


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