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Mission Xavier del Bac – Founded in the late 1600s by Spanish friars, the construction of this large whitewashed adobe church was completed in 1797. The interior of the church, carved and painted by native artisans, is beautifully preserved, and adorned with statues of St. Francis, Mary, St. Anthony holding the baby Jesus, mission saints, a large silver and gold altarpiece, two lions, and hundreds of angels.

      Fry bread – After you've visited the mission, outside on the plaza are vendors selling Indian fry bread, a round flat circle of dough, fried in hot oil. It's delicious sprinkled with honey or cinnamon sugar.
  Pima Air and Space Museum – This museum is chock full of every military plane, in perfect condition. Check out a SR-71 Blackbird, B-29 Superfortress, Hawker Hurricane, flying boats, acrobatic biplanes, P-51 Mustang, B-52 and tons of World War II planes, Super Guppy designed to carry rockets for US space program, and one of world's smallest airplanes, the Bumblee. Little ones can climb inside a cockpit and crawl through a little plane. Highly recommended, and a must see for all the airplane buffs in the family.
    Titan Missile Museum (Hwy 19, exit 69) – Visit a Cold War missile complex and underground silo for the Titan II missile. On the one hour tour, descend into the launch control center, see the missile in the silo, and watch a simulated missile launch. Open daily.
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