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Morro Bay

One of the most dramatic spots on the Central Coast is Morro Bay. Morro Rock, a volcanic peak, was sighted in 1542 by the explorer Juan Cabrillo as he sailed up the coast of California. At Morro Bay, kids can boogie board or build sand castles at the beach, look for sea otters, play in the sand dunes, go hiking and kayaking, explore colorful tide pools.
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    Embarcadero - Morro Bay
    Morro Strand State Beach
    Montana de Oro State Park
  Sea ottersMorro Bay is a super environment for sea otters, a sheltered lagoon and plenty of giant kelp. On a recent family trip, we saw a raft of sea otters next to Morro Rock.
    Read our blog post "See the Sea Otters" and find out why kelp is like a "floating blankie."
    Tip: In summer at Morro Bay, mornings can be foggy, and sometimes it's gray all day. Fun to visit on a misty morning – the Museum of Natural History or Elfin Forest.
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Travel for Kids has so many fun things to do with kids around Morro Bay, but you'll need a fun place to stay.

Here's Travel for Kids hand-picked list of family hotels in Morro Bay, all styles and price ranges, near to places you'll want to explore:

Morro Bay family hotels
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A vacation rental has lots of advantages for families – full kitchen and dining area so you don't need to eat all your meals in restaurants, washer and dryer, walk to the beach, and more.

Morro Bay family vacation rentals
kids books morro bay california
Sea Otter Pup
Victoria Miles, Elizabeth Gatt

Delightful story to read before going to look for sea otters in Morro Bay. Cycle of life for a sea otter mother and her pup – the mother feeds, washes, and snuggles the pup, and soon pup dives down to find food for himself. Beautifully illustrated! (Picture book)


If You Take Away the Otter
Susannah Buhrman-Deever,
Matthew Trueman

When sea otters were almost hunted to extinction, giant kelp forests, home to many fish, were also destroyed by invading sea urchins. Find out how protecting the sea otters saved kelp forests too. (Picture book)


Sea Otters
Louise Spilsbury

Get to know the sea otters you'll see in Morro Bay. Discover how these enchanting creatures survive in cold waters (two layers of fur), how they eat (in the water, floating on their back), why sea otters rest with their paws up (conserves heat), threats to sea otters survival, and more. Good for older kids. (Illustrated chapter book)


Sea Otters
Laura Marsh

Fun facts about sea otters – a tail to steer through the water, thick fur to keep warm, hind legs to swim and dive, cleaning for hours every day to stay clean, pouches to hold their food. (Easy reader)


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