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Brittany is a popular family destination. Traveling with kids, mix relaxing on wide sandy beaches with "culture" sights, such as the Neolithic "standing stones" and medieval towns.
  "Standing stones" (Menhir), (Carnac) – If your kids read Asterix, the chubby guy, Obelix, is always lugging around these huge stones (menhirs). Go to Carnac to see real Menhirs, upright stones arranged to mark burial sites from 5000 years ago. Carnac has thousands of "standing stones," one line extends for more than a kilometer. The Musee de Prehistoire has lots of artifacts from Stone Age to Roman times, especially jewelry and axeheads.
      The beach at Carnac is also a great resort spot. Ride go-karts on the beach or take a boat excursion too.
    St.-Goustan (Auray) – Visit the old part of town, Saint Goustan in Auray. Kids will love the cobblestone streets and medieval houses.
    Vannes – The town of Vannes, founded in the first century B.C., still retains a medieval flavor. In the old part of town, you can still see the fortified city walls. Your kids will find these ramparts a great place to run around on. Vannes also has a charming port, where you can walk around to look at the boats.
    Gavrinis Island – From Vannes, take a boat trip through the Gulf of Morbihan to the island of Gavrinis. Lovely scenery and more Neolithic stones on the island.
Doll Museum (Musee des Poupees), (Josselin) – If you're stopping at the picturebook Chateau de Josselin, don't miss the Doll Museum. The doll collection has things old and new, from a miniature silver tea set to plastic croissants.
Oceanopolis (Brest) – Oceanopolis, a newly constructed marine aquarium, is the largest open-air aquarium in Europe. Oceanopolis recreates the marine universe of Brittany. At Oceanopolis you'll see huge tanks filled with sea horses, fish, crabs, eels and seals.
Benodet – Hit the beach at Benodet, this popular family resort town. Safe, sandy beaches, and amusements for kids like trampolines and a water park.
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Asterix the Gaul kids books brittany france  
Asterix the Gaul
Goscinny and Uderzo

Hilarious adventures of comic heroes Astertix, a cunning warrior, and his sidekick Obelix, a menhir delivery-man who loves to eat wild boar. It's 50 BC and the Romans control Gaul, except for one village. When the Romans imprison the old druid prisoner to get his magic potion, Asterix runs circles around the unknowing Roman commander. (Picture book)


Asterix and the Roman Agent
Goscinny and Uderzo

Vitalstatistix, chief of the tribe, is having a big birthday party, but a sneaky Roman agent is making trouble in the village. Led by Platypus, the Roman legionaires attack, but Asterix and Obelix race through the army to save the day. (Picture book)


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