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France, famous for artists, food, medieval cathedrals and much more. You may have been to Paris before, but exploring Paris with your kids will be new and exciting, as they uncover unexpected delights, such as a boulangerie with the Eiffel tower as bread sculpture. (It was delicious!) As you travel through France, kids can see for themselves landscapes immortalized by Impressionist painters, and enjoy French family-friendly joie de vivre.

    The Loire
  The Dordogne
    Gascony (Gers)
    Atlantic Coast - Cote d'Argent
  Languedoc-Roussillon – Carcassonne
Cote d'Azur
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Take a custom itinerary family trip through France sights of Paris including treasure hunt in museums, explore Loire Valley castles, Normandy D-Day beaches, visit local markets, cheese and wine makers, go biking and kayaking, this tour company will arrange an unforgettable family vacation:

Quivertree Family Expeditions
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The Cat Who Walked Across France childrens books fiction  
The Cat Who Walked Across France
Kate Banks, Georg Hallensleben

Irresistible journey of a cat through France, past chateaux and shaded canals, dodging cars in Paris, roaming across lavender fields, to return to his home – a stone house by the edge of the sea. Fabulous double-page illustrations. (Picture book)


This is Paris
M. Sasek

Paris, old and new – two Arc de Triomphes, the oldest church and oldest bridge in Paris, 1,665 steps to climb the Eiffel tower, pleasure boats on the Seine, Notre Dame Cathedral, bistros and cafés, Street of the Fishing Cat, and more. Whimsical illustrations, fun facts, this is a classic. (Picture book)


This is Paris kids
Adele & Simon explore paris kids  
Adèle & Simon
Barbara McClintock

Take a walk with Adele and her little brother Simon on their way home from school, stopping at a street market, the Jardin du Luxembourg, a patisserie, the Louvre, and everywhere, Simon forgets something. Flavored with watercolor illustrations of Paris a century ago, this is an absolutely delightful tour around the city. (Picture book)



Illustrated history of the Eiffel Tower – how Gustave Eiffel built a tower out of metal, opening in 1889 for the World's Fair, first reactions to this new landmark, and today a symbol of France and the most visited monument in the world. (Chapter book)


where is the eiffel tower
The Last Musketeer
Stuart Gibbs

A family heirloom transports Greg and his family back in time to 17th century France. When his parents are sent to La Mort prison, Greg teams up with the youthful Musketeers, Aramis, Athos, and Porthos. Action adventure throughout Paris, to the roof tops of Notre Dame. (Chapter book)


Who Was Napoleon?
Jim Gigliotti

Illustrated biography of Napoleon, growing up on the island of Corsica, he was an excellent student (good at math, loved history), went on to become conquering hero, emperor, one the most famous military commanders in the world. (Chapter book)


who was marie antoinette  
Who Was Marie Antoinette?
Dana Meachen Rau

Illustrated biography of Marie Antoinette, from her childhood in Austria, to queen of France at nineteen, life at court (pouf hairstyles and diamonds), relaxing time at the Petit Trianon, then, the French Revolution, attempted escape and the guillontine. (Chapter book)



Little Katie gets in the picture, when she climbs into an Impressionist painting, and joins the family eating lunch in the garden. She picks a bouquet to bring back, but her adventures have only begun. A delightful story about French Impressionist paintings. (Picture book)


meet the artist henri matisse  

Pop-up biography of Henri Matisse, from "the moment I held the box of colors in my hands, I knew this was life," to his paintings of pink oceans, yellow houses, and in later years, giant paper cutouts and stained glass windows. (Activity book)


Who Was Claude Monet?
Ann Waldron, Stephen Marchesi

Illustrated biography of the Impressionist painter who took up his easel and painted outdoors. Traditional artists worked indoors in studios, but all this life Monet painted nature, people, landscapes, haystacks, and his Giverny garden. (Chapter book)


who was claude monet
Who Stole Mona Lisa?
Ruthie Knapp, Jill McElmurry

Delightful story of the Mona Lisa, told by the painting herself. Who was the young woman, why was this painting special to da Vinci, how did Mona Lisa end up in the Louvre, and what happened when she was stolen. "Now you know why I am smiling." (Picture book)


Hudson in Provence
Jackie Clark Mancuso

Hudson arrives in Provence and loves the beach, but he's ready to get to work like local dogs. Not really a sheep herder, Hudson discovers he like to paint and the magic of Provence. (Picture book)


Come With Me To Paris
Gloria Fowler, Min Heo

A trip around Paris in pictures and rhymes – stop into a boulangerie for a breakfast croissant, see Mona Lisa at the Louvre and stained glass windows at Sainte Chappelle, climb to the top of Arc de Triomphe, visit Notre Dame, then have an ice cream at Berthillon, and at night, watch the lights of the city at from the Eiffel Tower. (Picture book)

Also: Paris Coloring Book


Coco Chanel
Isabel Sanchez Vegara, Ana Albero

Story of Coco Chanel, the most famous French designer. She was different growing up – while other girls played, she sewed. Coco turned her talent and imagination into clothes everyone wanted to wear. (Picture book)


Cathedral David Macaulay  
Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction
David Macaulay

How French Gothic cathedrals were built – from the foundations to the flying buttresses and vaulted ceiling. Find out how the buttresses were constructed, incredibly heavy stones were lifted up to make the ceiling, and stained glass was made. Wonderfully detailed drawings. (Illustrated chapter book)


What Was D-Day?
Patricia Brennan Demuth, David Kenyon

Illustrated history of D-Day, the turning point in World War II, when Allied soldiers landed by air and sea in stormy weather at five different Normandy beaches. Plus fascinating facts, such as a list of paratrooper gear, "swimming tanks" that sank, 13,000 bombs that all missed the target, scaling cliffs with bayonets. (Chapter book)


what was d-day?
paris city trails  
Paris City Trails
Lonely Planet Kids

Nineteen different themed trails through Paris – under the streets, mysteries and legends, surprising food, city shapes, smells of Paris, magicians and alchemists, unexpected sights, French Revolution "off with their heads," chic fashion, ghostly tales, lights after dark, and more. (Illustrated chapter book


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