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Montpellier & Around

  Montpellier – Founded in the 10th century, Montpellier became an important trading town, bringing spices and products from the Middle East. The University of Montpellier, dating back to the 13th century, was famous for its school of medicine.

Place de la Comedie – Start your explorations of Montpellier in the heart of the city at the place de la Comedie, a large pedestrian open space, with splashy fountain in the center (the Three Graces). Here you can have a snack in the cafes on the square or ride the old-fashioned carousel.

      This is also the spot to pick up the “Petit Train” (tourist train), a little white and blue tram that goes in a loop around the city, including the historical center, and Chateau d’eau (18th century water tower and promenade), Arc de Triomphe and the Botanical Gardens.
      Charles de Gaulle Esplanade From the place de la Comedie, stroll north onto the esplanade, lined with trees, fountains, play areas and benches.
      Old city – Take a walk east from the place de la Comedie, toward the Peyrou Arc de Triomphe. This is the historic old city, what remains of the medieval Montpellier, winding streets lined with golden-hued buildings, archways over head, smooth stones under foot, narrow lanes that open into hidden plazas with outdoor cafes.
      Odysseum – In the new part of the city, check out the Planet Ocean Aquarium (where kids can see marine life of the Mediterranean, jellyfish, bream, red coral, moray eels, plus touch tanks, creatures of the deep ocean, and an ocean tank filled with sharks.
      Next to the Aquarium, Vegapolis is a two-level skating rink (open year round), Altissomo an indoor climbing wall, Acrochats an indoor play park for younger kids, Kartingstar a go-kart track, and the Galilee Planetarium.
      Tip: Ride the spiffy new trams that run across Montpellier. You can’t miss them – Line 1 (goes to Odysseum) is bright blue, Line 2 cars are red with big yellow and green flowers!
    Lac du Salagou (Clermont l'Hérault) – Not far from Montpellier, spend the day relaxing at this peaceful lake, in the summer the water is quite warm. It’s a great place to swim, walk, go sailing or wind surfing. Or just walk around the lake, miles of inlets to explore (the hillsides are an usual rust red, dotted with greenery). Bring a picnic, or there’s also camping by the lake.
    Cirque de Moureze – Explore these amazing rock formations, sculpted over time from sediments deposited by the sea over 160 million years ago. There are many beautiful walks to discover this area, surrounded by spookily shaped rocks. It is a super place to go with kids of all ages, as they can explore, climb and follow the trail markers. (If you have an infant, you’ll need a baby backpack, trails aren’t suitable for strollers.)
    Grotte de Labeil (Lodeve) – This grotto, complete with underground river, is a great adventure for all ages. There is a 45 minute guided walk through the caves where you will see a range of different types of stalagmites and stalactites. If you are feeling adventurous your family can take the "safari" option and go off through the caves with light helmets for an hour alone.
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