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Nimes – Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard
  Pont du Gard, Roman Aqueduct – This triple-decker Roman aqueduct is just a marvel of the Ancient World. The Pont du Gard once carried water to the town of Nimes and 2,000 years later, it is still a tour de force of Roman engineering at its best. If your kids can swim, hire a canoe and paddle on the Gardon river that runs beneath the bridge.
    Nimes – 2,000 years ago, Nimes was a thriving Roman city, with a forum (including a temple, now called the Maison Carree), a gigantic arena, major waterworks and fortifications.
      Roman Arena – Run around the amphitheater, an arena built in the late 1st century A.D., where spectacles were staged with gladiator combat and wild animal shows.
      Tram around town – Take the tourist tram for a ride around Nimes. The tram leaves from the Esplanade (near the Arena) and goes by other Roman ruins – the Maison Carree, Castellum, and the Tour Magne. April - October.
      Visit the lovely Jardin de la Fontaine with its spring fed pools and walkways. At one corner of the garden, head up the hill to the Tour Magne, a three story tower that was once part of the Roman fortifications. Climb up inside the Tour Magne, (count those 140 steps) for a view Nimes and mountains.
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How to Be a Roman Soldier
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