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    Chartres Cathedral
monet garden gverny

Monet's House and Garden (Giverny) – Stand on the Japanese bridge overlooking the waterlily pond and kids can imagine themselves into a Monet painting. Enjoy wandering through the weeping willows around the water garden and among the exuberant flowers in the main garden.

      Read on our blog "Giverny: Monet's art in the garden."
    Parc Asterix (Plailly) – If your kids read the Asterix comic books, this theme park is a must. Plenty of water fun, exciting rides, shows and Asterix characters. The park is open April to September.
    Air and Space Museum (Le Bourget) – At the end of his solo flight across the Atlantic, Charles Lindbergh landed at Le Bourget airport. The Air and Space Museum at Le Bourget (Musee de l'Air et de l'Espace) has a particularly good collection of hot air balloons, early planes in aviation history including the Bleriot XI, as well as planes from World War II and a prototype of the Concorde.
      Tip: Air and Space Museum is free with the Paris Pass.
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who was claude monet  
Who Was Claude Monet?
Ann Waldron, Stephen Marchesi

Illustrated biography of the Impressionist painter who took up his easel and painted outdoors. Traditional artists worked indoors in studios, but all this life Monet painted nature, people, landscapes, haystacks, and his Giverny garden. (Chapter book)



A young girl, Ella, visits the artist painting in his garden in Garden. Monet tells her the story how he started painting when a teenager, why he paints in all seasons, to capture the light and colors of nature. Introduction to Impressionism and where to see Monet's paintings in different art museums. (Picture book)


ella in the garden of giverny
claude monet he saw the world in a brilliant light  

Meet Claude Monet, as a kid, he knew he wanted to become an artist. Monet moved to Paris to study art and meet other artists interested in developing a new style of painting - Impressionist art. At Giverny, discover the beautiful gardens designed and painted by Monet. (Picture book)


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