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Iphofen is a moated village surrounded by medieval walls about 45 minutes from Wurzburg considered by many to equal Rothenberg in charm – but it's a smaller, and a less touristy spot. 
  The "must do" in Iphofen is Monchsondheim, where kids get to walk through everyday life in a medieval village, visiting workshops that demonstrate ancient crafts. You'll see a wheelwright and cooper (barrel maker) at work. You can also walk through exhibits of a medieval bakery and a school room.
    In the Knauf Museum you'll see examples of the locally made porcelain (along with a limited collection of world-wide ancient art).
    Take a tour of one of the areas 20 wineries and be sure to check for the local wine festivals. Locals credit shell lime in the soil for their world-famous white wines. Kids like winery tours because of all the equipment and silly jokes – somehow, they feel a little grown-up going on a wine tour, even if it's grape juice they sample at the end.

Stop for a supply of fruits and other snacks in the open air market, where you'll get the best of the valley produce, and a real taste of shopping like a German! You can also find farmer produce stands near the pear and apple orchards that surround the town.

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