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Berlin bear

In the 20th century, Berlin figured in two world wars and was a divided city, East and West Berlin, for nearly thirty years. Today the unified city is lush and green, wide boulevards are lined with trees, there are parks and lakes. Traveling in Berlin with kids, don't miss the dazzling Reichstag and look around town for the "Berlin bears" – everywhere you turn, there's another colorful bear painted with fanciful designs.

Berlin Photo Album
    Mitte – City Center
  Museum Island and TV Tower
  Tiergarten and Kurfurstendamm
Berlin Wall Stuff and More Museums
Greater Berlin
  Berlin day trips
      Tip: Berlin has an extensive and convenient subway (U-bahn) and above-ground train system (S-bahn). Get a "Small Group" ticket (up to five persons) for the day, or a Welcome Card 2 or 3 days pass, and go anywhere within Berlin city.

Fun food


In 1963, when John F. Kennedy gave a speech near the Berlin Wall, he used the phrase " Ich bin ein Berliner." A "Berliner" is a kind of doughnut, filled with jam and covered with sugar. Try these doughnuts at any bakery. Or dig into a Wurst and Frites, incredibly good sausages (they look like chubby hot dogs) and french fries.

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The Neues Museum is famous for the Egyptian collection, including the famous head of Nefertiti. Take a 2+ hour private family tour of the museum, as you discover gods, goddesses, how to decipher hieroglyphs, with activities and stories:

    Neues Museums for Families
Get the story of the divided city, tales of espionage and escape, bike along the remaining wall, check out the last of the "deathstrip" watchtowers. This four hour bike tour is a super activity for teens and older kids.
Berlin Wall and Cold War Bike Tour
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Make life easy with the Berlin Pass, all-in-one card for Checkpoint Charlie Museum, Pergamon Museum and Egyptian Museum, Legoland Discovery Centre, German Museum of Technology, Berliner Dom, and more, plus free Berlin River cruise, and Travelcard for unlimited rides on the metro and buses. Savings and no waiting in lines:
The Berlin Pass
A good way to get to know Berlin is a hop on – hop off bus. 15 stops around the city, including Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate, Kurfurstendamm, and more. Tickets are valid for 24 hours and you can board the double-decker bus anywhere on the route. Get your tickets in advance, and you're ready to see Berlin:
Berlin Hop On Hop Off Bus
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berlin 3d keepsake cityscape  

Open the box and fold out a colorful miniature cityscape of Berlin – 12 different landmarks, such as Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Charlottenburg Palace, Checkpoint Charlie, Museum Island, and fun facts about each landmark. (Mini book)


Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot
Margot Theis Raven, Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen

In 1948, West Berlin was blockaded for a whole year, and supplies to the city were flown in. This is the true story of a little girl, and the pilot who dropped something very special from the skies to the children of Berlin. (Picture book)


Merecedes and the Chocolate Pilot kids books world war ii berlin
a night divided  
A Night Divided
Jennifer A. Nielsen

Summer 1961. Gerta's family lives in East Berlin - overnight, when the wall goes up, her family is separated. Four years later, Gerta spots her brother and father on the other side of the wall in West Berlin, and begins a dangerous plan to escape. An exciting novel that brings to life a divided city. (Chapter book)


Tom Clohosy Cole

When the Berlin Wall goes up, a family is divided – father in the West, mother and children in East Berlin. The boy imagines how they could escape, and he starts to dig. (Picture book)


the berlin wall interactive modern history adventure  

You're living in Berlin, divided into East and West Berlin. Life in East Berlin is difficult, and many people would like to go to West Berlin. Do you try to escape, stay and guard the wall, or join protests against the wall? Choose from three different stories, 20 different endings. (Illustrated chapter book)


When the Wall Came Down
Serge Schmemann

First hand reporting of the fall of the Berlin Wall in November, 1989, and then the re-unification of Germany, plus photos and a timeline. Good for older kids. (Chapter book)


berlin books kids history cold war When the Wall Came Down
(More children's books on other Germany pages)
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