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Munich Day Trips

    Neuschwanstein Castle – For a day trip Neuschwanstein Castle, it's a 2 hour train ride to Fussen, then take the bus to Hohenschwangau. Tip: In winter, the castle in a snowy winter wonderland is magical!
    Chiemsee – Want to get out of the city and relax by a sparkling lake? Chimsee is only a short train ride from Munich.
    Tierpark Hellabrunn – This 90 year old zoo is not a typical big-city zoo. Tierpark Hellabrunn covers ninety acres of “open” enclosures. Check out the Europe exhibits with animals native to the landscape around Munich - Alpine marmots and chamois. At the Touch Paddock, feed the dwarf goats, and little kids will enjoy the (adorable) Haflinger pony rides.
    Freizeitpark Marchenwald – Looking for a day out with little kids? Freizeitpark is a fairy-tale themed amusement park with rides and characters from German fairy tales, such as the Bremen Town Musicians, Snow White, Rumpelstiltskin, Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, Max and Moritz. Play areas for toddlers, miniature castle, little train, April to October.
    Dachau – Surely one of the most chilling phrases in any language will forever be “Arbeit Macht Frei” or “work makes one free” the words on the gate into Dachau that mocked the victims of the Nazi era. This is a compelling site, with exhibits including guard towers, barracks, gas chambers, cemeteries, and religious memorials. While it for many it's an historical "must do" it may be best for older children. For a link to the concentration camp museum, click here: Dachau
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