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Munich – English Garden (Englischer Garten)

Laid out by command of Prince Elector Karl Theodor in 1789 at the north end of the city, this enormous park was designed to evoke the English countryside. The Isar River is diverted into the park, small little streams bubble through the woods. Just strolling here is wonderful, but of course there’s so much more for kids in this centrally-located Munich park.
  Pedal boating Rent pedal boats "Ruderboot"on the Kienhasseloher See, the big artificial lake. On a warm summer afternoon, it's quite relaxing to sit back under a shady awning and let the kids pedal around the lake (don't run over the swans and ducks).
  Chinese Tower Biergarten (Chinesicher Turm) – Biergartens aren't bars, they're more like open-air cafes and definitely a family affair: probably the best spot to catch Bavarian gemütlichkeit (friendliness). Being in a biergarten is almost like being at a big party: you may find a friendly arm dragging you into a group song, or see your kids being fussed over like instant relatives.
      Biergartens are a great place to sample archetypical Bavarian dishes such as bratwurst (sausage), spätzle (noodles), and apfelstrudel (apple pastry).
      In summer at the Chinese Tower, there are open air oompah concerts – the band is situated on the upper levels of the pagoda. You can join all the other families, listening to the music.

Picnic in the park – The English Garden is the perfect place to have a picnic. Grab sandwiches or sausages from the delis nearby, or there are also snack bars in the park. Spread out your picnic or, like local Munich families, bring along cake, juices and coffee ("kaffee and kuchen") for an afternoon snack.

Go for a bike ride – If you've rented bikes at the train station, it's just a short distance to the park. Miles of bike paths to explore.
    Horse carriage ride Sit back and relax while you clip-clop around the English Garden. You can find the carriages at the Chinese Tower, from noon.
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