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Munich – Isar River

The Isar River, one of the largest rivers in Bavaria, flows through Munich on the east side. In centuries past, the river was used power water mills and transport goods. Today it's a spot where you'll find families biking along the river and picnicking in the shade.

To get to the islands in the river from the city center, take the tram to the "Deutsches Museum" stop on Ludwigsbrucke. Or from the Isartor S-Bahn stop, walk down Zweibruckenstrasse to Ludwigsbrucke. At Ludwigsbrucke, you can walk south down Museuminsel to arrive at the Deutsches Museum, or go north for a walk along the Isar River.

  Isar River walk
      From Ludwigsbrucke, start your walk at the large fountain Argentorato (the big bronze statue holding a fish is "Father Rhine"). Continue walking north, through shaded trees and grassy areas. Stop into the playground with climbing structures, swings, and picnic tables. Continue on the connecting walkway from Museuminsel to Praterinsel, the next island in the river.
      At the Alpines Museum, kids can stop to play on the rocks outside the museum, then continue walking north to the next bridge, Praterinselbrucke. Take a left at the bridge, and walk down the west side of the river on Steinsdorfstrasse to Ludwigsbrucke, where you started.
    Deutsches Museum This museum standing on an island in the Isar river is one of Germany’s most popular, and it may be the largest technology exhibition in the world with exhibits from Acoustics to the Zeppelin.
    What really makes this museum a big hit with everyone in the family are the wonderful dioramas bringing science and exploration to life: In the aviation department, there’s one of Roald Amundsen's landing at the North Pole, in the printing exhibit you’ll see a bookbinder's workshop around 1800, in astronomy you’ll see the 17th century Observatory of Johann Hevelius, plus tons of cars, airplanes, space capsules, rockets, exhibits about bridge building and tunnel building, demonstrations of electricity.
      Conveniently there is a snack bar, cafe, and a restaurant on the grounds, as well as a museum gift shop.
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