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Braubach - Marksburg Castle

Marksburg Castle started as a stone keep built in 1100 and was additionally fortified over the centuries. Although the stronghold was threatened, it was never directly attacked. Soaring high above the Rhine River, Marksburg is the best preserved medieval castle in the Rhine Valley.
    To go inside the castle, it's a 50 min. guided tour. During summer English-language tours are twice a day. At other times of year, join any language tour, and read the English explanation of the rooms. No strollers on the tour.

Gates The castle is ringed with outer walls, step through four gates to enter the castle courtyard. Going through the third gate, the "Arrow Slit Gate," notice a box battlement with an opening, where soldiers could drop stones on any attackers below.

marksburg coats arms

Coats of armsOn the stairway are coats of arms of families who controlled the castle over centuries. Eppstein family is red and white chevron, red lion is Counts of Katzenelnbogen, which changes to a striped red and white lion for the Landgreves of Hesse, gold lion on a blue background is the Duchy of Hesse (not in photo).


Great Battery – Battery is stocked with large cannons, and openings aimed at the Rhine River below.

    Medieval kitchen – Spacious medieval kitchen has plenty of room to dry herbs, make sausages, large fire place to set up cooking pots.
marksburg bedroom
  Bed chamber In the bed chamber for the family, check out a pretty short four poster bed with red curtains, cradle next to it, chests for storage, comfy nook for seating, and spinning wheel.
    Great Hall The family entertained guests in the Great Hall, and played music and games such as chess. Walls are decorated with paintings and glass windows to let the light in.
    Step through the passageway for a peek at the "garderobe," the bathroom.
marksburg bedroom
  Armory A fun collection of armor and weaponry over the centuries – Roman legionary, Frankish warrior, medieval knights, 16th century shiny armor with helmets and pointy toed shoes, plenty of pointy pikes too.
    Castle keep – Soaring high in the sky, the shape of the keep is called a "butter churn" - with lower section, and upper circular tower. The keep was not where the family lived , it was used by castle soldiers as a watchtower (very good view of Rhine in all directions).

Food options – In the castle restaurant, eating outdoors is fun in good weather. Also next to the castle is a picnic area.

    Getting to the castle
    If you're driving, find a parking lot adjoining the castle.
    In summer, a tram goes from the old city up to the castle. Or from the train station, walk up the hill, takes about 20 minutes.
    From the boat dock on the river, it's a bit longer, allow 30 min. to walk up to the castle.
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