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Fairy Tale Road (Märchenstrasse)

fairytale road
From Bremen to Hanau is the land of the Brother's Grimm. In the early 19th century, the people in these towns told their stories to Wilhem and Jacob Grimm, who wrote some of the best beloved fairy tales – Little Red Riding Hood, Rumplestiltskin, The Piped Piper of Hamelin, Hansel and Gretel. Younger kids will enjoy these towns and shady forests along the way. And before you go, you'll want to read your favorite tales.
  Bremen – In Bremen, head for the statue of the Bremen Town Musicians – the rooster perched on the cat, who is standing on the dog, who is standing on the donkey. You can imagine these animals "singing" to the robbers. Look for puppet shows around town.
  Hameln (Hamelin) – According to legend, in the 14th century, a mysterious stranger rid the town of rats, but when the town refused to pay, the piper led the children out of town, never to be seen again. At the Hochzeithaus (Wedding House) the carillon has mechanical figures of the Pied Piper. In the afternoon, the clock and carillon play, and the figures move. Look for bread in the shape of cute little rats in the bakeries.

Sababurg – This 14th century castle (Dornroschenschloss Sababurg) in the middle of the Rheinhard forest (Rheinhardswald) looks like a "Sleeping Beauty" castle. There are ruins, extensive gardens and forests to explore and children's playground.


Kids will have fun at the charming Tiergartenpark Sababurg, a zoo with with wild boar, eagles, reindeer, Przewalski horses, European elk, plus petting zoo.


Trendelburg – The castle in Trendelburg has a circular tower, the perfect spot to pretend that Rapunzel will lean out and let down her long hair.

Gottingen – The Brothers Grimm were professors at the University of Gottingen. In the center of town (central Markt), you'll find a statue of the little goose girl, Ganseliesel. For a bird's eye view of the city (Sundays only), climb up the tower of the Johanniskirche (St. John's Church). Or take a walk under the lime trees along the old ramparts of the city.
Kassel – Start your visit with a quick stop at the Brother's Grimm statue, then make your way to the Palais Bellevue which houses the Bruder Grimm Museum (Museum of the Brother's Grimm). In the museum you can see an original manuscript of the Fairy Tales. From the museum, go over to the Karlsaue park along the river Fulda, the perfect place to run around.
  If you like a mysterious fairy tale forest, visit the grounds of the Bergpark Wilhelmshohe, the summer palace of Wilhem II, and don't miss the Devil's Bridge (who knows what might be hiding underneath the bridge).

Steinau an der Strasse – The Brothers Grimm grew up in Steinau. Look for Grimm figurines around town and puppet shows at the Marionettentheater. The Museum Bruder Grimm Haus, is the half- timbered house where the Grimms lived. The Renaissance Schloss has dioramas from the fairy tales, and a nice tower to climb up for a view of Steinau. If you want a day of fun at an amusement park (suited to little kids), visit the Erlebneispark outside of Steinau. The park has a petting zoo, small train, rides, and play areas.

    Hanau – Hanau (just outside of Frankfurt) is the birthplace of the Brother's Grimm. In the center of town is a statue of the Brother's Grimm. In Wilhelmsbad park, don't miss the Hessian Doll Museum which has a lovely collection of antique dolls.
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who were the brothers grimm  
Who Were The Brothers Grimm?
Avery Reed, John O'Brien

Delightful illustrated biography of those talented brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Trained as lawyers, they did what they loved best – collecting German fairy tales. (Chapter book)


The Elves and the Shoemaker
Brothers Grimm, Jim LaMarche

A poor shoemaker has only enough leather for one pair of shoes, but overnight, the shoes are beautifully made. Who are the mysterious cobblers – tiny elves. Such gorgeous illustrations, you'll want a pair of elf-made shoes. (Picture book)


The Elves and the Shoemaker germany kids fairy tales
Rumpelstiltskin kids fairy tale road germany  
Paul O. Zelinsky

A miller's daughter is stuck trying to spin straw into gold. Rumpelstiltskin helps her out, but wants her first born child. Fabulous illustrations, especially the gnomish Rumpelstiltskin. (Picture book)


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