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Hannover (Hanover)

 Ancient settlers on the city's river originally called their town 'Hohen Overe,' (high bank) which became Honovere and finally Hannover, the capital of the Niedersachsen region of Germany. One curiosity – the 18th century Duke of Hannover, George, was recruited by the English to be their King George I, thus founding the current English royal family. Although a lot of the medieval city was destroyed in World War II, kids can run around the spectacular gardens and parks in Hannover.
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Fun food


Market Hall – Go here to find an incredible range of both local favorites and international treats – it's the place to find the best treats in town!


Desserts – Germans love desserts and make some famous ones, but try a few that may be less familiar: Rote Grütze mit Sahne oder Vanillesosse  is a wonderful fruit compote with cream, then there's the Lübecker marzipan, and the Baumkuchen ("tree cake") made with layers to mimic the rings of a tree.

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