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Old City - East Jerusalem

Damascus Gate

About twenty percent of the population of Israel is non-Jewish, primarily Arab Muslims. Entering East Jerusalem is somewhat like stepping into a different country. The fun of visiting East Jerusalem is that you are going from one culture (Israeli) to another (Palestinian) all within one city.

    The Cave of Zedekiah – A cave of legend and mystery, where the stones for the magnificent buildings of ancient Jerusalem were quarried for King Solomon.
    City of David – Just outside the Dung Gate (a two minute walk south of the Western Wall plaza and Ophel), you’ll be standing across from the modern Arab neighborhood of Silwan. This neighborhood stands on some of the most impressive and significant ruins of the ancient City of David. Walk down the street directly across from Dung Gate and you won’t miss the entrance to the archaeological park on your left.
      Hezekiah’s Tunnel – Part of the City of David, this tunnel a must-see for kids who don't mind the dark. Hezekiah’s Tunnel is an engineering feat that joined the Upper City of fortified Jerusalem to the spring of Gihon. King Hezekiah had this tunnel bored 1,750 feet through bedrock in preparation for a siege by the Assyrian army in the late 8th century BC. The Assyrians failed to take Jerusalem and the city was assured water throughout the long battle thanks to this tunnel.
      Water still runs through the tunnel, sometimes past the knees, so wear sandals and shorts. Be prepared for a good twenty minutes winding through this cave, and make sure to bring a flashlight or glow sticks.
    Tip: It’s a good idea to always have with you important addresses including your current hotel written down. For example, before setting off for sight-seeing in East Jerusalem, ask someone at your hotel to write in Arabic the names of any places you want to visit (with the English next to it for you). That way, if you need to ask directions while walking around, you can simply show the note.

Fun food


The restaurant in the Azzahra Hotel offers local Arab cuisine along with some of the best pizza in Jerusalem. Kids can watch the chef making pizzas, which can be ordered with Arabic toppings, such as Soujuk (a spicy sausage).

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