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Jerusalem arcade

Israel is a tiny country that encompasses the ancient as well as modern. Israelite ruins appear alonside later Greek, Roman, Crusader and Islamic sites. A holy place of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Israel also offers families diverse scenery and activities, from beaches and cities along the coast, lush hills and rivers in the north, to the Negev desert and Red Sea in the south. Traveling with kids, visit Biblical sites, go rafting on the Dan River, explore Crusader castles, float in the Dead Sea, camp under the stars, and wander through ancient tunnels underneath the streets of Jerusalem.

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Dead Sea Area

    Tel Aviv - Jaffa
    Haifa - North Coast
    Northern Israel – Sea of Galilee
    Southern Israel – Eliat, Negev
Tip: In Israel, museums are usually closed on Saturdays, the Sabbath; national parks and ruins are open.
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everybody says shalom  
Everybody Says Shalom
Leslie Kimmelman, Talitha Shipman

Welcome to Israel, old and new, wet and dry, and take a take tour around Israel, to Masada, Dead Sea, Red Sea, a kibbutz, catacombs, shuk, Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem and more. And everyone says shalom, which also means "hello," "goodbye" and "peace." (Picture book)


The Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Hagit Allon, Lena Zehavi, Yossi Abolafia

Find out about the Dead Sea Scrolls, genuine fragments the Bible written on parchment scrolls 2,000 years ago – how the scrolls were discovered, who wrote the books, daily life in the desert community, how archeologists and scholars have put together all the pieces. (Illustrated chapter book)


israel childrens books The Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls
One City, Two Brothers israel childrens books  
One City, Two Brothers
Chris Smith, Aurelia Fronty

A Jewish fable and Arab folktale, long before there was a city on a hill, two brothers farmed the land in the valley. After a good harvest, the older brother secretly brings a gift of grain to his brother, but the younger brother has his own surprise gift. On a moonlit night, the brothers meet on the hill, and on this spot, Jerusalem was founded. A shining story, wonderfully illustrated. (Picture book)


Harvest of Light
Allison Ofanansky, Eliyahu Alpern

Photo story of a special time in Israel – the olive harvest. A young girl helps her family collect the olives, some are preserved, some are pressed into olive oil. And on the first night of Hanukkah, the new oil lights the menorah. (Picture book)


Harvest of Light kids israel
here is the world  
Here is the World
Leslea Newman, Susan Gal

A year of Jewish holidays, starting with the weekly celebration of Shabbat, from Rosh Hashanah to Purim, Hanukkah, naming ceremony and Passover, plus holiday recipes and crafts. Glowing illustrations bring each holiday to life. (Picture book)


Lon-Lon's Big Night
Miri Leshem-Pelly

A little sand fox, Lon-Lon, makes his home in the Negev desert. Adventurous Lon-Lon wants to meet other creatures in the Negev - jumping jerboa, desert hedgehog, long-eared bat, rock hyrax, but he needs help to find the way back to his burrow. In English and Hebrew. (Picture book)


Lon-Lon's Big Night
This is Israel  
This is Israel
M. Sasek

Solomon’s Mines at Timna, Caesarea (ancient capital of Roman Palestine), synagogues, mosques, Christian pilgrimage sites, Biblical cities and landmarks, modern cities such as Tel Aviv, Bedouin markets in Beersheba, the Negev Desert and Red Sea. A children’s classic, it’s timely today. (Picture book)


Welcome to Israel
Lilly Rivlin, Gila Gevirtz

Overview of Israel's history, government, traditions, sights to see in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, the Negev, Masada, Eliat, plus Hebrew vocabulary. Colorful and fun, in a scrapbook style, good for older kids. (Illustrated chapter book)


Welcome to Israel childrens books
zvuvi's israel  
Zvuvi's Israel
Tami Lehman-Wilzig, Ksenia Topaz

Take a trip around Israel from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, along the coast, south to the Dead Sea and Negev, visiting historic sites, amusement and water parks, beaches, nature reserves, plus lots of fun food along the way. (Picture book)


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