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Northern Israel

A green, mountainous area with waterfalls, rivers, and mineral baths, parks and reserves: a wonderful combination of history and nature. Another great feature about this area? All the choices for where to stay. You set up a tent in a camp site, stay in a kibbutz (collective farm) or relax in a luxury hotel. Hike, boat, fish, there are lots of choices for travel with kids in northern Israel. Most of all, come here to enjoy nature.
  Sea of Galilee & Galilee
  The Golan

Fun food


A big local favorite is the grilled "suniya" – kabab-style meat in tahini sauce. A  warning: "suniya" is  a general term which could mean brains, or organ meats.  For the less adventurous, the locals swear their falafels, shawarma and hummus in pita are the best in Israel. Good news is these are ideal grab 'n' go snacks.


The best dessert around? A cheese and noodle dish served warm called "kanafe," as well as that Middle Eastern staple baklava.

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