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Kyoto was the capital of Japan for over a thousand years, and the city is filled with exquisite Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, castles and villas. Don't go nuts trying to see all seventeen World Heritage Sites in Kyoto with your kids – pick three or four and spend time in each. Kyoto is also a center of traditional arts and crafts – around the city there are places to see ancient court music and dance, flower arranging, silk dyeing and weaving, doll making, fan painting.


    West - Arashiyama
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Wabi Sabi childrens books kyoto japan  
Wabi Sabi
Mary Reibstein, Ed Young

Lyrical story of Wabi Sabi, a little cat in Kyoto. Wabi Sabi journeys to Mount Hiei to ask a wise old monkey what her name means. Exquisite collages and haiku express the simplicity and beauty that is wabi sabi, a way of seeing the world. (Picture book)


One Leaf Rides the Wind
Celeste Davidson Mannis, Susan Hartung

Before you visit the gardens in Kyoto, this is a wonderful introduction. Glowing illustrations and poetic descriptions portray the elements of a Japanese garden – pagodas, carved temple dogs, birds and bonsai, lotus flowers and koi, stone lanterns to light the way. (Picture book)


One Leaf Rides the Wind kyoto kids japanese gardens
Tea Ceremony japan kids books non-fiction  
Tea Ceremony
Shozo Sato

Follow each step of the Japanese tea ceremony, where tea is enjoyed in a simple, beautiful setting. Appreciating the waiting area and tea room, preparing the tea bowl and making tea, plus history of the tea ceremony. (Chapter book, illustrations)


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