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kyomizu temple
  Kiyomizu Temple – Nestled in the mountainside, the Kiyomizu temple is a must do. In the 8th century, the shrine was founded at the spot where clear water gushed forth. ("kiyo-mizu" means clear water). Today, at Otowanotaki Falls, you can put a dipper under one of three streams of water to drink for academic success, long life, or romantic love (the wait in line can be long). From the wide balcony of the Main Hall, there is a glorious view of the woods and Kyoto in the distance.
      From the temple, walk back down to Sannen-zaka, steps down a cobblestone street, lined with traditional houses, small shrines, pottery workshops. It's a taste of old Kyoto.
    Sanjusangen-do Temple – This temple is worth a stop to see 1001 statues of Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy. Each wooden statue, carved of cypress wood and gilded, has the goddess in a slightly different pose. An unforgettable sight.
    Kyoto National Museum – If you're going to see one museum with exquisite artworks, this is it. Look for wooden lion dogs (over a 1000 years old), ancient standing and sitting dolls, dragon robes, samurai swords, a hand scroll with a story about the twelve animals of the zodiac.
    Gion Corner – At Gion Corner, you can see traditional arts every evening (starts early) – ancient court music and dance, koto music, bunraku puppetry and Kyoto dance performances. Gion Corner is on the 1st floor of Yasaka Hall, Hanamikoji Dori.
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