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Statue of Paul Revere
Massachusetts is named for a Native American tribe called the Massachusett, or “people of the great hills.” In 1620, the first European colonists, the Pilgrims, arrived and settled at Plymouth. Boston hosted the famous Tea Party, and the American Revolution was officially launched at Lexington and Concord. Traveling with kids down the coast of Massachusetts, it’s easy to understand its nickname as the “Bay State, miles and miles of coves and rocky points to explore along the ocean.
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Emily - kids books poet emily dickinson Massachusetts  
Michael Bedard, Barbara Cooney

A girl goes to visit the lady who writes poetry but never leaves her home in Amherst – she is Emily Dickinson. The story of this great American poet glows with inner radiance, marvelous illustrations capture the beauty of the poet's world. (Picture book)


Fenway Fever
John H. Ritter

Freddy "Stats" Pagano loves the Boston Red Sox, tracks every statistic on the team, and helps out in his dad's hot dog stand, just outside the ball park. It's the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park, but it seems that the curse of the Bambino has returned. Can a boy with a big heart, and the hometown pitcher find a magical solution in a midnight trip to home plate? (Chaper book)


Fenway Fever kids baseball books massachusetts
Henry Hikes to Fitchburg kids books massachusetts  

Walden, Henry Thoreau's celebration of nature and simple living, is the inspiration for this charming story. Two bears, Henry and his friend, go to the country but Henry chooses to walk, while his friend earns money to take the train. As his friend toils, Henry hops on rocks across the river, carves a walking stick and eats his way through a blackberry patch. (Picture book)


Mayflower 1620
Plimoth Plantation

Fascinating re-creation of the voyage of the Mayflower – the passengers arrive on board (there were about 30 children), provisions are loaded, storms and rough conditions at sea, charting a course, landfall at Plymouth. Illustrated with photographs from the Mayflower II. (Chapter book)


Mayflower 1620 history massachusetts kids books
massachusetts pilgrims kids books Sarah Morton's Day  
Sarah Morton's Day
Tapenum's Day
Kate Waters, Russ Kendall

A day in the life of a Pilgrim girl and Wampanoag Indian boy – hunting and fishing, collecting and preparing food, harvesting crops, daily chores and spiritual quests. Photographs from Plimoth Plantation. (Picture book)


Midnight Rider
Joan Hiatt Harlow

It's 1775, and orphan Hannah Andrews is sent to work in the home of Thomas Gage, the British governor. There might be balls and picnics in the household, but Hannah, disguised as a boy, rides to warn the patriots. A super adventure, based on real events. (Chapter book)


Midnight Rider adventure american revolution kids massachusetts
Let It Begin Here! history america revolution kids massachusetts  

On a grassy field in Lexington, at dawn on April 19, 1775, seventy militiamen face the British in the first battle of the American Revolution. First hand accounts of mud and blood dramatize this famous day, vividly illustrated. (Illustrated chaper book)


Ghost Ship
Dietlog Reiche

In a seaside town, one night the bay disappears and the Storm Goddess, an 18th century sailing ship appears, stranded in the mud. Two kids, Vicki and Peter, are hot on the track of a ghostly crew, pirate legend, ill-gotten gold, and mystery of the seashells. (Chapter book)


Ghost Ship adventure kids massachusetts
childrens books massachusetts The Serpent Came to Gloucester  
The Serpent Came to Gloucester
M.T. Anderson, Bagram Ibatoulline

On a sunny day, the serpent came and played in the frothy sea, astounding and frightening the people of Gloucester. Men came to hunt the serpent with their harpoons and ships, but they only landed a pretty big fish. Sparkling illustrations, based on a true story, this is a wonderful tale of the mystery and beauty of the ocean. (Picture book)


The Fledgling
Jane Langton

It's fall and the geese are back at Walden Pond. Little Georgie Hall dreams of flying, and one old goose magically understands. In the moonlight he takes her soaring over the trees and ponds of Concord, but there's a hitch – Mr. Preek is determined to shoot down the majestic goose. (Chapter book)


THe Fledgling kids fantasy massachusetts
childrens books massachusetts Isabel of the Whales
Isabel of the Whales
Hester Velmans

Isabel goes on a whale watching trip with her class, but in a surprising moment, she’s not in the boat, but under the ocean, swimming with the humpback whales. Living with the whales, Isabel learns their ways and the Song of the whale. A super story that makes you feel as if you’re right there too. (Chapter book)



It’s 1879 and a headstrong young girl sits for a portrait painted by Boston-native, Winslow Homer. The painting captures her Yankee spirit and independence – she’s the same color as the laurel blossoms, the shadows, clouds and sky. (Chapter book)


Of Flowers and Shadows artist winslow homer kids books massachusetts
massaschusetts childrens books Johnny Appleseed  
Johnny Appleseed
Jane Yolen, Jim Burke

Loves his apples,
Cakes and pies.
Johnny, Johnny Appleseed.
True story of John Chapman, called "Johnny Appleseed," the boy who grew up tending apple orchards in Massachusetts. Warm and wonderful illustrations. (Picture book)


Celebrating Massachusetts
Marion Dane Bauer, C.B. Canga

Take a trip through the Bay State, from Boston, the state capital, to colleges in Cambridge, pilgrims and Native Americans at Plimoth Plantation, Cape Cod, plus fun facts about Illinois sports, wildlife and history. (Easy reader)


celebrating massachusetts
M is for Mayflower massachusetts childrens books  

Massachusetts from A to Z in quick rhymes and fun facts, plus richly detailed illustrations. "C is for Cod which swim in the sea and Cranberry bogs as red as can be.” (Picture book)


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