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Plimoth Plantation
In 1620 the Pilgrims docked at Plymouth, liked what they saw, and settled in. They weren’t the only ones in the neighborhood, the Wampanoag Indians had lived in the area for centuries and showed the Pilgrims how to plant crops to survive. On our visit to Plymouth, we were thrilled to see the houses of our kids’ ancestors, John and Elizabeth Howland. On the Mayflower voyage, John Howland fell overboard, but lived to tell the tale.
Tip: The combination ticket for Plimoth Plantation and Mayflower II is a saving and good for 2 consecutive days. The Plimoth Plantation is about 3 miles outside the town of Plymouth, where the Mayflower II is docked.
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    Plimoth Plantation
    Plymouth town
    Cranberry Farm (Carver, just west of Plymouth) – Growing cranberries is a local tradition in the area. Take a tour of a cranberry bog, try sorting cranberries, along with cranberry juice samples. May to September, Flax Pond Farms.
    Sauchuk Farm (Plympton) – In fall, kids will have fun running around the corn maze, sampling cider doughnuts, going on a hay ride, riding the cow train through the corn, and more seasonal activities.
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Travel for Kids has plenty of fun things to do with kids in Plymouth, but you'll need a fun place to stay.

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Plymouth family hotels
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Mayflower 1620 history plymouth massachusetts kids books pilgrims  
Mayflower 1620
Plimoth Plantation

Fascinating re-creation of the voyage of the Mayflower – the passengers arrive on board (there were about 30 children), provisions are loaded, storms and rough conditions at sea, charting a course, landfall at Plymouth. Illustrated with photographs from the Mayflower II and Plimoth Plantation. (Chapter book)


Thanksgiving on a Thursday
Mary Pope Osborne

Jack and Annie are whirled back to 1621, where they meet with Squanto, Governor Bradford and Captain Standish, preparing for the harvest festival. But will there be a festival when the kids dump the turkey into the fire? (Easy reader)

Also, non-fiction companion book: Pilgrims


Squanto's Journey
Joseph Bruchac, Greg Shed

Story of the first Thanksgiving, Squanto of the Wampanoag welcomes the settlers, teaches them how to hunt, fish and plant, and in the fall, shares a feast together. (Picture book)


Eating the Plates
Lucille Recht Penner

Fun account of what the Pilgrim's ate the first year, when they were always hungry. On the Mayflower biscuits were rock hard and the cheese moldy, corn pudding was eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner, families ate right out of the cooking pot. Included are recipes for your own Pilgrim meal. (Illustrated chapter book)


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The Adventurous Life of Myles Standish and the Amazing-But-True Survival Story of Plymouth Colony kids  

A look at the Plymouth colony with the soldier Myles Standish as the central character. His job was to teach the colonists to protect themselves in the New World, and when things went badly, Myles’ face was so red he was called “Captaine Shrimpe.” A fun read for older kids. (Chapter book)


What Was the First Thanksgiving?
Joan Holub, Lauren Mortimer

Illustrated history of the Pilgrims, arrival at Plymouth, life in the new settlement, and first Thanksgiving feast (Native American guests brought the turkeys, there was no cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie), plus holiday tradition of Thanksgiving and turkey facts. (Chapter book)


what was the first thanksgiving
Colonial Kids activity book plymouth massachusetts pilgrims  
Colonial Kids
Laurie Carlson

Kids at Plymouth had to be self-sufficient and did adult's work to make a new life. Here’s 30+ activities to try – learn about knots, sew an apron or rag rug, churn butter, make cornbread and hasty pudding, use a quill pen and homemade ink, stitch a sampler, play ninepins, and more. (Activity book)



This is our favorite Plymouth book for older kids and parents alike. Reading this book, the story goes far beyond the first Thanksgiving, as Pilgrims and Indians struggled to adapt, in peace and war, to the changes in a new world. (Chapter book)


kids books plymouth ma history The Mayflower and the Pilgrims' New World
the boy who fell off the mayflower  

Beautifully illustrated story of John Howland's voyage to America, and survival in difficult times. Howland leaves his family in England, sails on the Mayflower, falls overboard, but is saved. The first winter is hard, and when Carver dies Howland is now a free man. A year later, a ship arrives from England - will Howland stay in America? (Picture book)


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