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Mexico is a multi-layered country where Olmec, Mayan, Toltec, Aztec and Spanish history have created a unique culture. Traveling with kids in Mexico, there's lots of places to choose, from beaches of Baja California, to underground caves, mangrove swamps, Maya ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula, and Aztec ruins in modern Mexico City.
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spanish english childrens books poems My Mexico - Mexico Mio  
My Mexico-Mexico Mio
Tony Johnston, F. John Sierra

Poems in English and Spanish, each one a little gem about life in Mexico – "Iguanas on the Taxco Road," "Corn," "Adobe Brick," "Street Dogs," "Downtown, Mexico City," and more. Warm, soft-pastel illustrations. (Picture book)


Just a Minute
Yuyi Morales

When Senor Calavera comes to call on Grandma, she's only too happy to go with him, but she has one house to sweep, two pots of tea to boil, three pounds of corn to make into tortillas… An irresistible tale, fabulously illustrated. (Picture book)


Just a Minute kids day of the dead mexico
day of the dead bob barner  

Charming introduction to Day of the Dead, in Spanish and English. Two children prepare for the holiday, and then under the moon glowing bright, they dance and sing. Beautiful paper collage illustrations. (Picture book)

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Whiskers, Tails & Wings
Judy Goldman, Frabricio VandenBroeck

Colorful retelling of five animal folktales from Mexico – a tiny cricket tricks Senor Puma, Mosni the sea turtle retrieves grains of sand to make the earth, possum is the fire-bringer (but his tail catches on fire), the flea gets lazy ones to work, frog wants to fly. (Illustrated chapter book)


folktales mexico
Frida kahlo biography kids mexico  
Jonah Winter, Ana Juan

For Frida, imagination was everything. Magical, marvelous story of Frida Kahlo, one of Mexico's best-loved artists, who took her tears and painted miracles. Fabulous, original illustrations. (Picture book)

Also, an illustrated biography – Who Was Frida Kahlo?


Jeanette Winter, Jonah Winter

Diego Rivera, the famous painter, drew everywhere as a child, and when he grew up, Diego painted what he saw, people on the Day of the Dead, fiestas, scenes of the deserts and jungles, murals that tell the story of Mexico. Vibrantly illustrated, this is a gem! (Picture book)


Diego rivera biography kids mexico
Where is Chichen Itza?
Paula K. Manzanero

Illustrated history of Chichen Itza, great city of the ancient Maya, life and culture, religion, astronomy, uncovering the ruins, and latest discoveries inner structure inside El Castillo and sacred well underneath the pyramid. (Chapter book)


The Ancient Maya
Jackie Maloy

Get to know the ancient Maya, their cities, temples (including Il Castillo) and palaces in the rainforest, society, arts and religion, plus fun facts about the ancient Maya – flat foreheads and large noses were considered beautiful, wealthy Maya wore jaguar skins, jade was highly prized. (Picture book)


The Ancient Maya
kids ancient maya myth mexico Rain Player  
Rain Player
David Wisniewski

Pik, challenges the mighty god Chac to a ball game – if Pik wins, Chac will bring the rain. A jaguar, quetzal bird and the sacred cenote help Pik win against Chac. Dazzling cut-paper illustrations. (Picture book)


The Chocolate Tree
Linda Lowery, Richard Keep, Janice Lee Porter

In this Maya folktale, chocolate was the favorite food of the gods in paradise. Kukulkan helped the people of earth bringing corn, music, the Maya calendar, and then he gave them seeds from cacao tree, so they too could eat chocolate. (Easy reader)


the chocolate tree
feathered serpent and the five suns  

Retelling of a Mexican creation myth, Feathered Serpent (Quetzalcoatl, god of knowledge) goes on a quest to the underworld to recover sacred bones, and create humans. (Picture book)

And another myth, The Princess and the Warrior, how two great mountains were formed.



Choose three different paths for life in the Aztec empire – as a healer in the city, Eagle or Jaguar warrior, or travel with the Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortes. (Illustrated chapter book)

Also, good overview and introduction to the ancient Aztecs: The Aztec Empire


the smoking mirror  
The Smoking Mirror
David Bowles

Shapeshifter twins Carol and Johnny go on a quest to the underworld (Mictlan), to rescue their mother. Aided by Xolotl, animal self of Quetzcalcoatl, Lord of Life, the twins battle demonic birds, gigantic snatch-bats, fierce guardians of Mictlan who only let dead souls pass, and dark shadow magic of Tezcatlipoca, Lord of Chaos. Aztec mythology and lore is woven into an exciting adventure (Chapter book)


Living in ... Mexico
Chloe Perkins, Tom Woolley

Kids can read for themselves about Mexico, a country of rain forests, deserts, mountains and beaches. Spend the day with Rosa who lives in La Paz, meet her family, go to school, learn about the history of Mexico, from ancient cultures to independence, celebrate Day of the Dead, play soccer and eat typical Mexican food. (Easy reader)


Off We Go to Mexico  
Off We Go to Mexico!
Laurie Krebs, Christopher Corr

A delightful introduction to Mexico in rhymes and pictures – hop aboard a canyon train, climb the pyramids, celebrate festivals, dance to mariachi bands, explore the capital city, swim in turquoise waters, plus simple Spanish words. Two page, colorful illustrations, and perfect for younger kids. (Picture book)



Hola from Mexico, explore the country with Rosa and Pedro – food (tortillas, tamales, flan), legends, traditions, history, Mexico City, holidays (Day of the Dead, Cinco de Mayo), school, games and sports. (Picture book)


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