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Chichen Itza
Cancun and the beach resorts are popular destinations on the Yucatan Peninsula, but beyond the beach there is a world of the Maya, one of the great civilizations of Latin America. Mayan cities were mysteriously deserted and later, when the Spanish came, thousands of Mayan books were destroyed. The Maya ruins of ancient cities are just a fascinating place to explore with kids.
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The Yucatan Peninsula has an abundance of fun shopping, with many different "artisanas" products. Look for panama hats and big Mexican sombreros (they roll up to travel easily), embroidered blouses and dresses, silver jewelry, small carved stone animals or Mayan pyramids, dolls, flutes and drums. For the lazy life, bring home a hammock.

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where is chichen itza  
Where is Chichen Itza?
Paula K. Manzanero

Illustrated history of Chichen Itza, great city of the ancient Maya, life and culture, religion, astronomy, uncovering the ruins, and latest discoveries inner structure inside El Castillo and sacred well underneath the pyramid. (Chapter book)



Super introduction to ancient Maya daily life and history, calendar and hieroglyphs, gods and sacrifices, plus 25 activities and crafts – make a clay drinking cup, royal jewelry, or burial mask, cook tortillas, count with Maya numbers, and more. (Activity book)


Maya: Amazing Inventions You Can Build Yourself childrens books guatemala
Rain Player  
Rain Player
David Wisniewski

Pik, challenges the mighty god Chac to a ball game – if Pik wins, Chac will bring the rain. A jaguar, quetzal bird and the sacred cenote help Pik win against Chac. Dazzling cut-paper illustrations. (Picture book)



Action-packed retelling of a Mayan myth, in graphic novel format. Twin brothers "Hunter" and "Jaguar Deer" challenge the Lords of Death, outsmarting and beating them at their own game. (Graphic novel)


The Hero Twins - kids books Guatemala
the chocolate tree  
The Chocolate Tree
Linda Lowery, Richard Keep, Janice Lee Porter

In this Maya folktale, chocolate was the favorite food of the gods in paradise. Kukulkan helped the people of earth bringing corn, music, the Maya calendar, and then he gave them seeds from cacao tree, so they too could eat chocolate. (Easy reader)


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