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Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

A visit with kids to see the “thundering waters” of Niagara Falls is memorable, the falls are just such a natural wonder. Niagara Falls is three different waterfalls – the "biggie" Horsehoe Falls is in Canada, the American Falls and petite Bridal Veil Falls are on the U.S. side. The river is bordered on each side by two cities, Niagara Falls, Ontario and Niagara Falls, USA.

Tip: When you visit Niagara Falls, bring extra clothes and shoes along for the day, since everyone in the family can get wet.

    Table Rock Center –
      Best views of Horseshoe Falls – Walk along the promenade to the promontory at Table Rock, where the views of Horseshoe Falls are spectacular!
      Journey Behind the Falls - Journey Behind the Falls can’t be beat for getting close to the falls. Put on ponchos, take the elevator to bottom, and from the observation deck, Horseshoe Falls is right in front of you, thundering away (prepare to get wet). Tours are open year round (the frozen falls look fantastic in winter). Tickets are a timed reservation, audio tours are available in foreign languages.
    SkyWheel – For a bird’s eye view of all the falls, ride the SkyWheel ferris wheel, with enclosed gondolas, and stellar panoramas.
Maid of the Mist
  Maid of the Mist boat ride – Long a tradition at Niagara Falls, take a boat ride on the river to the bottom of Horseshoe Falls (ponchos are provided). Kids can’t fall to impressed with massive amount of water pouring over the falls. Board the Maid of the Mist boats at the bottom of the Clifton Hill. Trips are every 15 min., last about half an hour, kids 5 and under are free.
    Skylon Tower – Ride up 775 feet above the Niagara Gorge for spectacular full-circle views of the falls (there’s both an outdoor and indoor observation deck). In the revolving restaurant, enjoy lunch or dinner, with a children’s menu.
    IMAX Theater – Big-screen movie Nigara: Miracles, Myths and Magic about Niagara Falls legends and daredevils, those people who rolled over the falls and lived to tell the tale, plus a Daredevil Gallery with a collection of actual barrels kids can touch.
  Queen Victoria Park – Queen Victoria Park, filled with trees, flower gardens, green grass and benches, extends from Clifton Hill, south past Horseshoe Falls. This is a perfect place for the kids to relax, bring sandwiches and have a picnic.
    Dinosaur Park Mini Golf – Our kids always like to stop for a game of miniature golf. Play 18 holes of golf, with a dinosaur theme.
    Dufferin Island Nature Area – Take the Niagara Parkway south of Horseshoe Falls to this peaceful, green nature area, away from the roaring waters. The river is diverted around several little islands, the water is calm (swimming or pedal boating in summers), and there are picnic tables.
      Niagara Falls, USA
      Tip: If you plan to drive over from Canada to the U.S., adults should have a driver's license, and for kids, a birth certificate, to show Canadian citizenship. Or, if you have passports, bring them along as proof of citizenship.
    Niagara Gorge Discovery Center – Find out about the geology of Niagara Falls. Kids can control live cameras of Niagara Gorge, take the virtual elevator ride, explore touch tables with rock samples, a short movie is a good overview of forces that carved out this natural wonder.
    Niagara Scenic Trolley – If you have toddlers in tow, the scenic trolley is perfect. Take the half hour ride around the 3 mile loop. Or, there are six stops, where you can get on or get off at all the best spots.
    Walking paths – There are several miles of paved walking paths, with different views of the falls. Park your car at the Visitor Center, and walk across Green Island on the pedestrian bridge to Goat Island. On Goat Island, Terrapin Point has super views of Horseshoe Falls Also, be sure to walk over to Luna Island – there kids can stand on an overlook between American and Bridal Veil Falls.
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ABACA Flow Over the Falls childrens books Niagara Falls  

All about the history, people and places of Niagara Falls – first explorers, native peoples and legends, fun facts about the falls, engineering marvels, daredevils and more. (Picture book)



Exciting stories of this natural wonder, from a seven year old boy who floated over the falls without a boat or a barrel and survived, to the first bridges across the river, how the falls ran dry, walking over the falls on a tightrope, and more. (Illustrated chapter book)


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Maiden of the Mist legends kids books niagara falls ontario canada  
Maiden of the Mist
Veronika Martenova Charles

Retelling of an Iroquois legend of Niagara Falls, Lelawala sets off in her canoe to meet Hina, the thunder god who lives behind the falls, and save her Seneca village from the giant serpent who is poisoning the river. (Picture book)


Queen of the Falls
Chris Van Allsburg

Mrs. Annie Edison Taylor, a retired school teacher and widow, needed money for her old age. To find fame and fortune, she decided go over Niagara Falls. She designed a barrel, packed it with pillows, over she went ... and lived to tell the tale. Fabulous illustrations! (Picture book)


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crossing niagara  
Crossing Niagara
Matt Tavares

Amazing feats of the Great Blondin, a famous 19th century tightrope artist. He walked on a rope high above the Niagara River, each performance more amazing reading the newspaper, walking across blindfolded, carrying a man on his back! (Picture book)


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