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Maid of the Mist
Ontario is the heart of "cosmopolitan" Canada: home province of both Ottawa, the capitol of Canada and Toronto, the biggest city. But there are many other treasures to explore with kids outside the cities: Stratford with its famous long theater festival, quaint villages and farming communities, the drama of Niagara Falls and the wilderness of Thunder Bay lake country.
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A if for Algonquin ontario canada childrens books  
A is for Algonquin
Lovenia Gorman, Melanie Rose

Ontario from A to Z in quick rhymes and fun facts, plus colorful detailed illustrations. "Loon begins with the letter L – it is our provincial bird. Listen closely and from across the lake its eerie call is heard." (Picture book)


The Red Sash
Jean Pendziwol, Nicolas Debon

It's winter rendezvous at Fort William, when the voyageurs return from their long journey, loaded with furs to trade for supplies. The fort hums with activity, and a young boy and his sister eagerly await the canoes. Wonderful local color, and a fun book to read before you visit Fort William Historical Park in Thunder Bay. (Picture book)


The Red Sash adventure kids books ontario canada
kids adventure ontario The Broken Blade
The Broken Blade
William Durbin

Summer 1800. Hair-raising adventures of young Pierre La Page, who joins the voyageurs, paddling canoes from Montreal to Grand Portage, a trading post 2,400 miles away on Lake Superior. (Chapter book)



Stop that Stagecoach!
Frieda Wishinsky

Transported back in time with a flying sled to the early 1830's, Emily and Matt travel by stagecoach on bumpy roads, cross Lake Ontario by steamer, but will they survive a boat trip down the rapids? Plus fun facts about pioneer life. (Easy reader)


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The Incredible Journey
Sheila Burnford

Two dogs – a very old English bull terrier and a dogged young Labrador, plus a Siamese cat journey over three hundred miles in northwestern Ontario to return home. Wonderful descriptions of wildlife – bears, lynx, moose, beaver, porcupine, ducks, farm life in rural areas, and majestic scenery of lakes, rivers and forests. A great read aloud. (Chapter book)


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