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Portland - Washington Park

Washington Park Portland
Washington Park is a leafy green oasis where you’ll find the Oregon Zoo, children’s museum, small railway, large playground, and exquisite Japanese garden. Going to the Oregon Zoo, take the MAX tram, there’s a Washington Park stop near the zoo. The underground stop has a great exhibit – a geologic time line of Portland, from rock formations 10 million years ago, floods and glaciers over the millennia, then 10, 000 years ago, humans arrive in Oregon.
Oregon Zoo
  Oregon Zoo – Check out animals of the Pacific Northwest – rocky mountain goats, woodpeckers, bobcats, elk, eagles (kids can sit on a replica of an eagle’s nest), coho salmon, rainbow trout, otters, beavers, raccoons, spotted owls. The playful sea otters and Stellar sea lions are not to be missed. Little kids will enjoy the farmyard where they can pet the goats and climb on the tractor and hay bales.
    Portland Children’s Museum – Looking for something for a rainy day? The children’s museum has plenty of hands-on activities and exhibits for kids of all ages, from infants to bigger kids. Kids can dig in a pit with shovels and dump trucks, build a house, shop at the grocery, play with clay, face painting and more.
    Forestry Center Discovery Museum – Oregon is covered with forests. Stop into the Discovery Museum to find out what makes a forest, climb through a log, learn how to plant a tree, learn about animals that live in the forests, and take a simulated ride through forests in other parts of the world. Outside the museum, check out “Peggy,” an old-fashioned locomotive used to transport logs.
  Washington Park and Zoo Railway – Take the “Zooliner,” it’s ride through tall trees and dense green forests where kids will feel like adventurers in an unexplored wilderness. The train goes between the Oregon Zoo and the train depot stop near the Japanese Garden. Trains go every 20 minutes, 35 minutes round trip.
    Rose Garden Children’s Park - This is the best playground in Portland for little kids, with lots of play structures. The playground is near the exit to the Zoo Train depot, so you don’t need a car to get to the playground.
portland japanese garden
  Japanese Garden – The Japanese Garden is a most beautiful garden, set in fir trees, with different textured paths, waterfalls, bridges and ponds. Take a stroll to the old tea house. On clear days there are views of Mt. Hood. It’s a great place to come year round, in fall the maple trees are in color, in winter, the garden is misty with mosses. Open daily.
  Sacajawea statue (Park Place) – At the northeastern corner of the park is a lovely bronze statue of Sacajawea with her baby, Jean-Baptiste, on her back. The statue was dedicated in 1905, to commemorate 100 years after the Lewis & Clark expedition. Nearby, listen to the “chiming fountain,” water drips from one basin to the next, making musical sounds. Close by are picnic tables, grass, trees, and swings. Bring your lunch and eat outdoors.
      Tip: Washington Park Shuttle – May to Sept., the shuttle is an easy way to get around Washington Park (which is pretty spread out). The shuttle goes around the park in a loop, stopping at the Oregon Zoo, Rose Garden Children’s Park, Japanese Garden, Portland Children’s Museum and the Washington Park MAX station. The shuttle runs every 15 min.
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