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Edinburgh - Arthur's Seat - Holyrood Park

arthurs seat
Holyrood Park is an outdoor oasis, right in the middle of the city. Striking cliffs and rocks, now covered with grass and wildflowers, are remnants of an ancient volcano. The park has a road (Queen's Drive) that goes all the way around, perfect for biking. Various paths lead up to the highest hill, Arthur's Seat, along with the dramatic Salisbury Crags, and other hills. Lochs with swans dot the park. Grab a picnic lunch and head out to explore with kids.
Tip: Pick up a map of Holyrood Park at the information center near across from the Scottish Parliament, or click here for the map.

Climb up Arthur's Seat – From the parking lot next to Holyroodhouse, you'll see two paths - the dirt path to the right goes around Salisbury Crags, the red path goes to Arthur's Seat. Take the red path, it's a gradual ascent.

      On the left you'll see St. Margaret's Loch, with swans and other birds on the water. Tip: If you have toddlers and don't want to make the hike up the hill, just stop off at the lake (grass, shade trees) to watch the swans.
      As you climb up the trail, kids will see the crumbly ruins of St. Anthony's Well & Chapel (built in the 1400's), lots of wildflowers along the way. The last section of the trail up to the top of Arthur's Seat is red volcanic, and rocky. At the top are excellent 360 degree views in all directions. In summer you'll find the top is crowded with lots of other families and kids.
      The view from Arthur's Seat is spectacular, but not the best place for a picnic. Go back down the hill, and head south east to Crow Hill, which is flat, grassy, and not crowded.
      Alternatively, if you have a car, and want to take the shortest route to Arthur's Seat, drive around Queen's Dr. on the east side and park at Dunsapie Loch. Across the road you'll see a dirt path leading west across the grassy hillside. Take that path, and you'll meet up with main path that goes the last section up to the top.
      Tip: Wear closed toed shoes (ground at top is sharp rocky), bring a light jacket or sweater (it can get windy), and water.
    Salisbury Crags – For a shorter, easier hike, stroll up the path under the Salisbury Crags. In summer wildflowers grow in profusion in the crevices in the rocks. From the path are fabulous views of the city - Edinburgh Castle on the rocky promontory to the west, and the Firth of Forth in the distance.
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