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From Edinburgh Castle down the Royal Mile to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh spans centuries of Scottish history, and continues to this day, as the capital of Scotland. It's a city that captures the imagination, and is best explored on foot with kids. Traveling around Edinburgh, cobbled streets and narrow lanes lead into unexpected places, where a dog, unicorns, Mary Queen of Scots, fairy cakes, and Stone of Destiny await.
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Look for unicorns Unicorns are a central theme of the Royal Arms of Scotland. As kids run around Edinburgh, see how many unicorns you can find. There are plenty to see around the Palace of Holyroodhouse, also in Edinburgh Castle, in St. Giles' Cathedral, on the Mercat Cross.


Fun food


Kids will have fun with sweets in Edinburgh. In shops look for old fashioned sweets (also the gift shop at the National Museum of Scotland) – sour plooms, black and white humbugs, iron brew creams, fried eggs, saltire (blue and white like flag of Scotland), butterscotch, pan drops, Edinburgh rock. There's also Haggis Poo – chocolate covered raisins, and Nessie Poo – toffee on the outside, a raisin inside.


Stop into Clarinda's Tea Room for delicious scones, and other classic pastries such as fairy cakes, rockbuns, shortbread, toffee crisp and lemon crunch.




There's no end of shops where kids can pick up a kilt, including boys (the local guys wear them all the time), tartan purses, shoes, scarves and tams. There's also adorable teddy bears in kilts and handmade sweaters. If your family is of Scottish ancestry, pick up clan coats of arms.

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Travel for Kids has so many fun things to do with kids in Edinburgh, but you'll need a fun place to stay.

Here's our own Travel for Kids hand-picked list of family hotels and apartments rentals, all styles and price ranges, in neighborhoods comfortable for families, and near to places you'll want to explore.

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Take a two hour family walking tour to explore winding lanes of Old Town Edinburgh and visit the National Museum of Scotland, with fascinating characters and stories of Edinburgh's history:

    Edinburgh Time Travel Tour for Kids
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This is Edinburgh childrens books  

Take a trip through Edinburgh, up Waverly Steps to Princes Street, visit monuments, gardens, bridges, the Castle, Holyrood Palace, plus fun facts (clan tartans, Scottish dress, famous people from Edinburgh). Fabulous, fun illustrations bring the city to life, this is a classic. (Picture book)


Edinburgh Castle for Kids
Floris Books, Moreno Chiacchiera

Kids guide to Edinburgh Castle, with fun facts, history and activities – escape a dungeon maze, guard the castle, spot the swan at a feast, coloring, puzzles and more. (Activity book)


edinburgh castle for kids
Mary Queen of Scots  
Mary Queen of Scots and All That
Allan Burnett, Scoular Anderson

Biography of Mary Queen of Scots, crowned as a baby in Stirling Castle, childhood in France, returning to Holyroodhouse to rule as queen, bad behavior by her husbands, kidnap plots and mysterious murders, and finally a date with Elizabeth I's executioner. Good for older kids. (Illustrated chapter book)


Queen's Own Fool
Jane Yolen, Robert J. Harris

Young Nicola joins the court of Mary Queen of Scots, to entertain the queen with poetry and songs. At Holyrood Palace, Nicola and the Queen are struck in treacherous politics, Scottish lords rebel, and Mary Queen of Scots becomes a prisoner in Lochleven castle. (Chapter book)

For teens: The Wild Queen: The Days and Nights of Mary Queen of Scots


Queen's Own Fool: A Novel of Mary Queen of Scots kids books edinburgh
edinburgh kids adventure The Chaos Clock  
The Chaos Clock
Gill Arbuthnott

In Edinburgh, time is coming unstuck by Chaos, and powerful forces are concentrated in the National Museum of Scotland. Can two kids obtain the hoard of ancient bronze weapons and stop the monkey in the Millenium Clock, before it's too late? Wonderful local color, and perfect to read before you visit the museum. (Chapter book)


Anne Forbes

Under the hill in Holyrood Park lives Arthur, a young, inexperienced dragon, and the MacArthurs, who guard the firestones. Two kids on summer holiday, a power hungry magician, shape-shifting pigeons, this is a super fantasy adventure, filled with Scottish magic and lore. (Chapter book)

The adventure continues in: The Wings of Ruksh, to the final book in the series, Dragon Seeker


dragon fire
greyfriars bobby a puppys tale  
Greyfriars Bobby: A Puppy's Tale
Michelle Sloan, Elena Bia

Heart-warming story of Greyfriars Bobby, a Skye terrier that adopts kindly Constable John Gray as his master. When Gray dies and is buried in Greyfriars churchyard, Bobby ignores "No Dogs Allowed" sign. (Picture book)


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