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Edinburgh - Old Town

old town edinburgh
Starting in the Middle Ages, the Old Town was a densely populated area of multi-story buildings, enclosed by city walls from Holyroodhouse to the rocky crag of Edinburgh Castle. Even today this area is filled with very narrow winding streets, closes (courtyards), wynds (lanes), streets with names such as Cowgate, Candlemaker Row and Grassmarket and remains of the old city walls. It's a great area of Edinburgh to explore with kids on foot.

Old Town Walk

      Start at Grassmarket, and walk up Candlemaker Row to statue of Greyfriars Bobby. Take a detour into Greyfriars Kirkyard, where you can see where Bobby is buried, along with his master John Grey. The churchyard is also fun to just wander around a bit.
      Continuing on, turn right on Forrest Rd., then go right on Lauriston Place and walk along past George Heriot's School (founded in 1659).
flodden wall
    Past the school, turn right on Heriot Place and you'll see the 17th century Telfer Wall. This is the beginning of the old city walls, built to protect Edinburgh against the English. Continue walking along the wall until you see the Flodden Wall marker, spiffy crenellations, and arrow slit in this 16th century wall section.
      Go down the stairs, coming out at the western end of Grassmarket square. Cross over the street, and walk north past the square, and you'll see the Granny's Green Steps. Climb up the stairs to Johnston Terrace.
      Look up, and there's Edinburgh Castle darkly looming above you - kids can imagine trying to invade the castle, protected by these rocky crags and plenty of cannons and thick walls.
      On Johnston Terrace, turn right and walk a short distance until you see stairs marked - Patrick Geddes Steps - Castle Wynd South. Turn right to walk down the stairs, and you'll be back at Grassmarket, where you started.
greyfriars bobby
  Greyfriars Bobby - Visit the statue of Greyfriars Bobby, a devoted dog (Skye terrier) who mourned his master John Gray, standing guard over his grave in Greyfriars Kirkyard for 14 years. Bobby died in 1872, and is buried in the churchyard behind the statue.
national museum of scotland galloway mazer

National Museum of Scotland - Step into a treasure trove of exhibits covering the history of Scotland. In the Early People galleries, check out ancient Pictish crosses, Roman artifacts, spears and helmets, a Viking grave and treasure, gold and silver brooches. Dress up in 16th century clothing in the Kingdom of the Scots galleries, where kids will see a claymore (sword) belonging to Robert the Bruce), exquisitely crafted Monymusk reliquary from 750, medieval Lewis Chessmen, a full-size guillotine.

      In other galleries, explore discoveries by Scottish adventurers and inventors, and hands-on activities with robots and technology. The unusual Millenium Clock animates and chimes on the hour. Climb up to the Roof Terrace for excellent panoramas of Edinburgh. The museum is free.
family tours edinburgh

Take a two hour family walking tour to explore winding lanes of Old Town Edinburgh and visit the National Museum, with fascinating characters and stories of the history of Edinburgh:

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