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Zentrum Paul Klee

      Zentrum Paul Klee is one the best art museums in Europe to visit with kids. Klee was born in a town near Bern, lived in Switzerland, and all his life he was interested in painting, poetry, and music, and kid's drawings.
Kindermuseum Creaviva
    From the moment you step into the wavy building designed by Renzo Piano, looking at oodles of whimsical, colorful, original, humorous artworks by Klee is an amazing experience. The paintings themselves make you laugh, even the titles are intriguing –"Barbarian General," "High Spirits," "Rustling Ships." Also, listen to the music that Klee liked, and view a collection of hand puppets he made. No other museum has such as range of Klee's works in one place, it's simply inspiring.
    Kindermuseum Creaviva – After seeing Klee's paintings, go down to the basement level, where any time kids can make their own art creations – paintings on cloth. All the materials are provided, there are also workshops.
      Zentrum Paul Klee is easy to get to, just take the No. 12 bus from the city center, it goes directly there.
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Paul Klee  
Paul Klee
Mike Venezia

Before you visit the Zentrum Paul Klee, get to know the artist, who was born in Bern. Klee came from a musical family, but he always loved to draw, so he became an artist, and painted imaginative artworks with bright colors and shapes. (Picture book)


The Cat and the Bird
Geraldine Elschner, Peggy Nile

Read this delightful story, inspired by a painting by Paul Klee, called Cat and Bird. A cat lives in a lovely house, but envies a little bird, who flies free. One day the bird sets the cat free, and he dances on the roof of his house in the moonlight. (Picture book)


The Cat and the Bird
paul klee my art activity book  

From Paul Klee's paintings and drawings, kids can color their own imaginative creations. "Why do you think the little leopard is angry at the big beast?" (Activity book)


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