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Bangkok Chinatown

solid gold buddha
  Temple of the Golden Buddha - Wat Traimit Where else will kids see a solid gold Buddha, the largest in the world! The Buddha statue is over 700 years old, weighs 5.5 tons and is almost 16 ft high. For centuries the Buddha was hidden under a coating of plaster, so it liked like a usual Buddha. In the 1950's, when the statue was transported from one location to another, the plaster cracked, revealing the gold underneath.

Along with the Buddha is an exhibition, with multimedia images about Sukothai and the Buddha, good for older kids.

    Sampeng Market – The market is a covered lane, a true bazaar, with everything under the sun – false eyelashes, fake hair, costume jewelry, all kinds of purses, clocks, buttons, ribbons, pajamas, clothes, stuffed animals. The market is so crowded, it's not the place to come with a stroller.
golden dragon
  Wat U Phrai Rat Bamrung An 18th century Vietnamese Buddhist temple, beautifully decorated with spectacular dragons. At the entrance to the temple are five dragons on the roof. Inside, golden dragons twine around the columns and on the walls, and check out the glowing mosaic mural decorated with red, green, blue dragons!
    Pahurat MarketAdjoining Chinatown, Pahurat Market is where kids can by lots of inexpensive gilded costume jewelry, Thai headdresses, colorful cloth and clothes in Indian style.
bangkok chinese new year video
  Lunar New YearDuring Lunar New Year, Yaowat Road is turned into a pedestrian mall of the first day of the festival. The street is lined with stalls, where vendors sell red clothes, red fruits such as pomegranates and strawberries (good luck for the coming year), and all sorts of street food and fresh fruits.
      At Chinatown Gate, the two white marble lions are decorated with red ribbons. People come and touch the lions for more good luck. Also, look for lion dragon dances and acrobats during the festival.
    Tip: The best way to get to Chinatown or Pahurat is a tuk tuk or taxi.
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