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Thailand (once called the kingdom of Siam) is famous for its tropical beaches, elephant sanctuaries, misty mountain landscapes, colorful festivals, and shining Buddhist temples. Thai culture makes it the perfect family travel destination. And where else will kids see elephants paint pictures with their trunks!

Thailand North
Chiang Mai
    Tips about temples – Buddhism is the primary religion in Thailand and temples are in every village, town and city. A visit to a temple is a not a day at the beach, so no shorts or spaghetti tops. Things to know about Buddhist temples:
wat phra kaew chedi

Wat – A wat is an enclosed temple complex, with buildings such as chedis, ubosot (chapel for Buddha images), viharn (ceremonial hall). The wat also serves as a monastery, living quarters for the monks.


Chedi – Chedi is a pagoda, building with a spire on top, often bell-shaped. The chedi contains a sacred relic of the Buddha or ashes of a king or prince.


Mythical creatures – Temples are decorated with mythical creatures such as garudas (half human, half bird), nagas (guardian serpents), sometimes multi-headed, devas (celestial beings), yakshas (giant demons), and lions.


Ramakien – Stories and characters from the Ramakien, Thai version of the Ramayana, often appear on temple murals or as guardian statues.


Fun food

mangoes sticky rice
    Thailand is the land of snacks and food every hour of the day. Here's our favorite snacks: mango and sticky rice (rice is made with coconut milk), fresh coconut ice cream, fruit juice popsicles (great on a hot day) and Khanom Buang, they look like little crepes with different fillings, such as white meringue or sweet eggy filling.
    Fresh fruits and juices – Everywhere in Thailand kids will want to try fresh fruits, some new such as dragon fruit, Chinese pears, red papaya, tiny bananas, rambutan, and fruit drinks made from watermelon, banana, lemon grass, coconut, pineapple, mango.


      Bring a separate piece of luggage for all your souvenirs from Thailand – carved wooden elephants and crocodiles, miniature tuk tuks, lotus-flower soaps, silk scarves and clothing, jewelry made from real orchid flowers, small umbrellas or sunshade parasols, beaded elephant pillows.
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Thailand is a fabulous destination for kids, but there's so many things to do, it's hard to choose.

Here's our editors' choice for a Thailand family tour, from dazzling Bangkok to rain forest nature adventures. Whether it's riding elephants, staying overnight in a hill tribe village, exploring golden temples, or snorkeling in sparkling blue waters, this tour company will arrange an unforgettable family vacation to Thailand:

    Quivertree Family Expeditions
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all about thailand  
All About Thailand
Elaine Russell, Patcharee Meesukhon

Travel through Thailand today – temples and beaches, wildlife, sports, religions, yearly celebrations, food, dance, music, plus the Ramakien and stories, crafts, recipes to cook, songs, games. (Illustrated chapter book)


Thai Children's Favorite Stories
Marian D. Toth, Patcharee Meesukhon

Fables, myths and legends from Thailand – princess who speaks golden flowers, how the Bay of Bangkok was formed, wisest man in Siam, why the golden tiger has black stripes, footprint of the Buddha, a harvest of gold ... gold bananas. (Picture book)


thai childrens favorite stories
kids books toy is from thailand  
Toy is from Thailand
Whitney Badgett

Ittipon (nickname Toy) lives in Bangkok. Take a trip with Toy, riding in tuk tuks, going to school, watching Thai boxing and classical dance, observing Buddhist offerings, visiting grandparents in the country, celebrating Thai New Year. (Picture book)


The Umbrella Queen
Shirin Bridges

Girls and women decorate umbrellas with butterflies and flowers, and each year the person who makes the most beautiful umbrella in the village is the Umbrella Queen. Young Noot helps her families make umbrellas, but she wants to paint something new – elephants going round and round. (Picture book)


the umbrella queen thailand kids books
the paper flower tree  
The Paper-Flower Tree
Jacqueline Ayer

An old peddler comes to a remote village, carrying a colorful paper-flower tree. One little girl, Miss Moon, so wishes to have this marvelous tree, the peddler gives her a paper-flower seed. Miss Moon plants the seed, but months go by and the seed hasn't grown. The village is visited by a group of musicians, dancers and magicians who play and dance under the night sky. And in the morning ... (Picture book)


Nu Dang and His Kite
Jacqueline Ayer

Nu Dang lives in a sleepy village, and more than anything else (even swimming or two orange ices), he loves to fly his kite. On any clear, windy day, Nu Dang and his friends fly their kites in the shape of fish, birds, snakes high into the sky. But one day Nu Dang loses his kite! (Picture book)


nu dang and his kite
aya and bobby discover thailand  
Aya & Bobby Discover Thailand
Christina Kristoffersson Ameln, Seonaid MacKay

Take a trip with Aya and Bobby around Thailand – riding in tuk tuks and visiting golden temples in Bangkok, swimming in tropical waters and flying kites at the beach. (Picture book)


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