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Chiang Mai

In 1296, Chiang Mai was a brand-new city on the banks of the Ping River. It's exact location was chosen by favorable signs a white deer and her fawn, and a white rat. Also, the city has its birth horoscope - Chiang Mai was "born" at 4 am on the eighth day of the waxing moon in the month of Visakha, in the year of the Monkey" (April 12, 1296). Traveling around Chiang Mai with kids, you'll see many temples, and the walls and moats of this ancient capital.

Chiang Mai Photo Album
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    Chiang Mai Temples
Old City

Chiang Mai Zoo & Aquarium

Bosang umbrella village

Look for elephants – Everywhere you go in Chiang Mai, kids will find elephant images –  the emblem of the province, on chedis, spirit houses and temples, in fountains squirting water, painted on umbrellas, decorating gardens, embroidered on textiles.

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    Tip: Chiang Mai is not the easiest walking city. To visit specific sights, arrange for a tuk-tuk or car to take you there, and wait.  Arrange prices in advance before starting out, ask at your hotel about standard rates.


      Sunday is the "Walking Market." Start at Tha Phae Gate and walk west down Ratchdamnoen (Ratchadamnern). The pedestrian street is lined with stalls selling all kinds of handicrafts, snacks and sweets, and musicians playing traditional music
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