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Istanbul - Bazaar Quarter & Eminonu

Grand Bazaar Istanbul
  The Grand Bazaar (Kapli Carsi) – This covered bazaar is huge (5,000 shops), almost a city unto itself. Walking the streets in the bazaar is in itself a novel experience, this is certainly not the mall. Kids will have a great time strolling past colorful stalls, chock full of gold and silver jewelry, brightly colored clothing and slippers, hanging glass lanterns, wool-felt bracelets and hats, and turban-like hats (great fun to try on). Saturday is a crowded shopping day, it’s closed Sundays, so visit during the week. Don’t rush through the bazaar, take your time, and stop off in the cafes for snacks.
  Spice Bazaar (Egyptian Bazaar) – In the Spice Bazaar, just breathe in exotic smells of herbs and spices. Stalls display row after row of colorful spices, and also dried fruits, many kinds of dates, and Turkish Delight sweets.
    Suleyman Mosque – This is the 16th century imperial mosque of the long-lived sultan, Suleyman the Magnificent, and was built by the most famous Ottoman architect, Sinan. More than just a mosque, the complex also included a hospital, schools, public baths, kitchen for the poor and inn for travelers.
      Inside the mosque (which is still in use, so take off your shoes, and covered heads for women), check out the glorious stained glass windows. Light streams through large windows in brilliant, red, blues and greens, decorated in arabesque patterns and calligraphy.
      In the garden, visit the tomb of Suleyman. Suleyman’s tomb (turbe) is richly adorned with blue and white calligraphy, red striped arches, a domed ceiling with geometric stars, every inch richly covered with ornamentation. In the tomb is buried not only Suleyman, but also his daughter, and two later sultans.
    Boat rides up the Bosphorus – From the Eminonu city ferry terminal, on Sundays take a two hour boat ride from up to up to Cubuklu across to Istinye and back.
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