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Ankara is the modern capital of Turkey, but for centuries it was a settlement along the trade routes and governed by different ancient civilizations – the Phrygians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, and then the Seljuk Turks, Mongols and Ottomans. Ankara, also called Angora, was famous for its Angora cats and Angora wool (mohair).
  Museum of Anatolian Civilizations – If you’ve visited various ancient archeological sites in Turkey, it’s worth a stop at this museum for kids to see many of the original artifacts – Neolithic bulls heads, Bronze Age gold jewelry, Hittite statues and reliefs, lion and sphinx figures from Hattusas, a reconstruction of the tomb of King Midas.
  Old Citadel (Hisar) – It’s a bit of hike to get up to the old citadel, but worth the walk to get a feel for its naturally fortified position above the city. The Byzantine walls of the citadel were built on top of Roman walls, which were constructed over an earlier foundations. At the top are panoramic views of Ankara and stone ramparts to explore in the White Fortress (Ak Kale). There’s a small cafe for drinks and snacks in the shade.
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