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    Around the first century BC, Aphrodisias was a very popular Roman cultural center, with a large temple of Aphrodite. Today you’ll find a beautifully-preserved ruins, where kids can get a first-hand look at a Roman city.
    Run around the large theater (where gladiator games were staged), agora (market and public meeting place), what’s left of the temple of Aphrodite (it was re-used as a Christian church), baths of Hadrian (hot and cold, and steam rooms), and the Tetrapylon (ornamental gate).
      In the museum, which has the original sculptures and reliefs from the site, look for an exquisite Bellerophon with Pegasus relief and a chunky Aphrodite dressed in a heavy tunic, decorated with gods and goddesses.
      Outdoors in near the Bouleuterion (Odeion), there’s two portrait statues of Tatiana, a very elegant Roman lady dressed in a gauzy gown, and her uncle Domiteinos, a well-turned out guy with curly hair, as well as a variety of faces carved in relief around the ruins.
      Stadium – Kids will want to sit down on the stone “bleachers” in the huge stadium; it looks so modern. At the stadium there would have been athletic competitions, as well as music and drama events.
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