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Cappadocia is a "must see" in Turkey – it’s a unique experience. The region is covered with stones topped with rock hats, called “fairy chimneys,” red rock canyons and white pinnacles. Inside these fantastic rock formations you’ll discover troglodyte dwellings, early Christian churches, and underground cities. For kids, Cappadocia combines ancient history and adventure in a wondrous landscape. There’s lots to do, so plan on spending several days in the area.
Cappadocia underground city
  Derinkuyu and Kaymakli – Visit two whole underground cities. The underground cities date back to the 7th – 8th centuries BC, but really took off when early Christians took to living underground to escape persecution from the Romans. Each city was equipped with storage rooms, deep wells, air shafts for ventilation, and the city could be closed off from the outside with huge round stones. Kids can explore the underground kitchens, dining hall, winery, storage rooms (pots embedded in the ground), a church, stables, meeting hall and dungeon.
Goreme church frescoes
  Goreme Open-Air Museum – This open-air museum has dozens of rock-cut churches, located in rock formations like a fantasy world. The churches are decorated with absolutely beautiful frescoes in brilliant reds and blues, with scenes from the life of Christ, angels and saints.
  Hot air balloon ride – Splurge on a hot air balloon ride over this boggling landscape. From the air, the hills and valleys looks like gallons of vanilla and chocolate ice cream melting in the sun.
    Zelve Monastery – The Zelve Valley is filled with troglodyte dwellings (where people lived up to the 20th century) and cave churches. Kids can really find out what it feels like to live in a cave, with windows and stairs whacked out of the rock. Bring your flashlights, and take care exploring the area, the cave dwelling aren’t fenced off at all.
    Ihlara Valley – Hike through the Ihlara Valley, along a bubbling river lined with shade trees (there are restaurants where you can stop for a snack along the way). Byzantine-era churches are cut into the red rock cliffs on either side of the valley. Stop into a church or two to check out ancient red, yellow and green frescoes.
    Horseback riding – Going out for a horseback ride is a great way to see some of the amazing landscape in Cappadocia. Ask at your hotel.
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